A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/1/21--Weekend Recap


June the first as we kick off the six months of the year. Twenty twenty one big. Thank you guys for joining us. Thank you for allowing me to have a little holiday weekend break and feeling mostly refreshed and ready to go. I a. I took a last second trip down. The golden gate fields in beautiful albany slash. Berkeley california i think the track actually falls on the city limits. Somebody told me once. If there's a emergency they have to figure out which side of the track. It's on like which police department cau- i don't know if that's true or not. I thought like jurisdiction went a couple of towns over. Because i gotta take it one time from a cop who was not from the town that he pulled me over it and he was like yeah i can do it anywhere in the county and it was like okay fine but it was great. I i wouldn't took a walk on friday morning. And i just i started thinking i was like. I don't have to do the show for monday. So i mean technically. I don't have anything i have to do. I mean. I had my grants pass preview shows. But i realized like i got i got a couple of days i off and i thought you know what i haven't been to a live horse races a fan and sense february of twenty twenty. Maybe now's a good time to go to the g. g f came home to care my s. I my monday. Grants pass downs preview show and hit the road. Friday went drove down there. When had dinner cattlemen's which is my favourite goto place in redding california and then Have breakfast with my cousin and then went to the the racist. Golden gate fields. They're allowed temporary seating and the way they have it broke down as the horsemen and officials and stuff can go down on the main level and then fans can stay up on basically the third floor or out in the grandstand. So matt dinner. Men my my buddy. At the cost the races there was kind enough to To get set up with the box it was funny because he told me he's like yeah. You're names With the guy at the parking lot of. Just tell me your name and they'll let you in and then tell the people county your name and they'll get your seat so that's awesome. Thanks matt so. I get there and tell the parking guy said yeah My name's matt dinner. My name melissa. Jason beam any looks. Goes i gotta jason segel and i go the actor. The guy from i love you man and pineapple express. He's like that's what i got here. Oh said okay. I said was that who matt gave us. That they might have just miscommunicated the last name because it is jason and he's like all right go ahead go up so that i get to the front gate to go in and you know and i said i had a pass met dinner and left for me. What's the name. I'm like jason segel and they're like. Oh yes mr segel. Please come come through so it took me to my seat. I was telling matt about it. And by the third or fourth. Race mac os. We want to welcome. Jason segel joining us to fields. And i kinda got it. I thought it was funny because little inside joke and the people in the box. Next to me i heard the go. Wow jason segel's here. The actor was like no. He's not he's not it's it's it's just me but it was so fun. The weather was perfect. It was sixty five degrees and sunny took a nice morning. Drive around san francisco at coit. Tower what to the painted ladies. Which is the houses were. Full house was taped or at least the outside of it was taped and and then went to the racist for the day and then headed home right after that to get home to about eleven thirty on saturday night but it was great fun little quick yolo trip and you know i went to sat when i went to the dinner. I was like one of the first times. I've sat in a restaurant since this all happened. I think i've done it a couple times now but Just it's nice to for things to start feeling most kind of back to normal. And i think things in california in fact i think old gate matt was saying Mid june you know everything kind of opens up and so glad to see that happening. I think You know it's caused for celebration watching games again with people in the attended. Know of course watching the the preakness derby with people there was great You know even the churchill downs. After dark ed was posted videos and it was like you know big crowd and people cheering and screaming and Good to see. It's a big part of our culture right going to events and to some degree. I think it's a big part of our communal experiences. Humans are going to things that are bigger than us and concerts and connecting at these events. I think it's an important part of modern society. And so i'm glad to see that it's coming back but the The beauty of modern society also is that you have the technology to engage in a lot of these things while never leaving your house which is which is also good but a lot of racing over the weekend. of course. we'll talk more about of much of it is.

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