A highlight from THE SUNDAY SERVICE - 05 - 30 - 2021

Double Toasted


I could see that. I can see that. Yes that wonderful technology you can do. You know i'm gonna do just for you minus one degree one more to give you one degree. I love that. Make you just a little bit cooler. Man i don't wanna hear you ask complain through this whole i wasn't gonna complain you. That's all not same as your fault. I know you love to live in this house if your wife people keep nice crisp eighty five degrees constantly. Yes i do. I walk in cooler outside. Yeah i'm not. I'm not like all the shitty cold weather up there we we've capricious in texas enough fair enough texas heat. Hey if you can't take the heat. Get the fuck out the house i will. I might end up doing that after the show. It's cooler out. There got to from good this air conditioning main shuttle. I think figured that you been heat at your place. Not having air conditioning. Be used to know you never get used to it. I'm tired of cooking and my own juices juices. Oh i'll not wetting clearly. State of being ball swit- soup served everyday swamp ask the classic of the korey coleman household served hot no always nine nikkan nickname for him is good spacek. I love spot so we use the. I love that christopher bochum worm and another name i like that. Yeah that's actually has a rain supervillain. Christopher guest spots you saw somebody who'd be fighting by either that or monica i'm a mob guy. Mafioso with that guy with is as christopher dispatcher. You don't fuck with him he you

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