Everything You Need to Know About the Long Run With Coach Jess Movold



As you mentioned the long run is just this specific ron during the week where you're spending more time in your feet and perhaps the other days and relevant to whatever it is that you're going after so whereas you could be training for a ten k and you're long run would be six eight miles max versus training for a marathon. Where over time amo. That long bryden gets up. Eighteen nineteen twenty excetera depending on your training plan now for someone gearing up for their long run. What are a few things that you would recommend to them to do. What you prepare. Well i think to take it seriously. You know to put it on your calendar on a day where you feel you know i think yes. The long run falls on the weekends for so many. But it doesn't have to be your training plan. Be customized to your schedule that works best but it does need to be pretty routinely placed within that you know seven day block that you can buy or ties it you can you know. Commit to ninety plus minutes because technically that's where the long run turns into the long run ninety minutes or more you know you want to be able to make it routine so prioritizing it mentally managing expectations and knowing that the purpose of the long run is to complete it you know and i think it's an opportunity to work through mental obstacles mental hurdles mental things that are challenging learning how to work through them. It is the absolute perfect time to introduce fuelling. If that's new for you to find a source of fuel that you can work with or see if it works for you and clean outs. Bathrooms plan out water. Stops things that you can get ahead of you know on race day. Where setup there's potties you know in a perfect world. There's places to go to the bathroom. There's water and or other sources of hydration but the long run. It's all up to you so that's a good time to wear that outfit so you don't look at the finish line to bring the fuel to try out a hydration pack Not to try out new shoes. You can get new shoes and you know i would suggest four to six miles in a new pair of shoes and if it works then introduce them into your long run but the the best part about the long run is he. Just go and get it done.

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