A highlight from BOX333: Villain, I Have Done Thy Mother


Me in row. Eleven and cat in row twenty three right next to the bathroom the very last row the very last row. I hate that the seats don't tip back. I don't need the seat tip back. That was okay. I'm the real joy in this flight. Was that i get to hear some really interesting conversations. I don't know why particularly this flight. But i overheard A real fun back and forth between two young people and I started listening about the point that one of them said. Hey you can stop flexing now. I get it. Your dogs are alive followed by how. How did he get to that point in the conversation now the next the next thing was the other person went. I also have a live cats. That was very strange. I don't know it is weird when you just pop into the middle of somebody's conversation. Hey it will get me an hour alone with my wife. I'll pay whatever it takes. That's right that's that was it. We were standing in line at disney few weeks ago. And that's what. I hear overheard a guy say the thing was in the laws. You thought it was if it gets me an our alone with your wife. No it was it was. He say he clearly said my way. I thought it was your wife. And we were standing in line at Pirates of the caribbean. I thought maybe he was trying to negotiate a better position line. It was splash mountain. Actually was it splash mountain. I thought maybe he was anticipating getting went. You know what i'm saying. I'm sorry that was discussing catch. Showed me this tweet. That showed up. This is this is hilarious. Gabby tweeted at us at box of oddities. I haven't listened to all of your podcasts yet. But this is what my friends and i at work. We're looking up one day. One of them is going to school for surgery tech. And it's a link to an article titled how to safely stretch your anus thirty one tips techniques and more and then gabby followed it up with how much can a human anus stretch. The human anus can stretch up to seven inches before taking damage. A raccoon can squeeze into holes as titus four inches. Meaning you can take almost two full raccoons up your ass at least do not this got me thinking. You know it's memorial day weekend and things are opening up again. The pandemic is on the downside. Quarantine is being lifted. We're going to be spending more time with people we don't like and so a good way to deal with. That is just throw out weird fact that hey did you know you. Can you can get to raccoons up your ass. Usually if people hear that and they're intrigued they're the kind of person you want to hang out with anyway and those who are well particular fact real careful. We're always exceptions. Of course the people that are offended. You want to hang out with him. Anyway right themselves from the equation. So i've compiled another one of jeff throws lists of bizarre and interesting facts. I love it to us. As conversation starters or conversation enders actually most of them really would be conversation. Starters for example napoleon bonaparte napoleone yes. I'm familiar one day. He requested that a rabbit hunt be arranged for himself and his men he just wanted to go out and blow away little bonnie so they collected all of these rabbits hundreds of them and they were in cages. They released the rabbits but before napoleon and his men could shoot them. They all charge napoleon and attacked the entire hunting party. Was he gonna do nibble your bomb. I love this. He was attacked by a horde of angry. Bunny that's did you know that. There was a great dane named juliana. They used juliana during world war one. She was actually awarded the blue cross medal. For extinguishing an incendiary bomb juliana. Well done she did it by being on it or hate job gir. All a great dane holds a lot of urine. That's true what do you think. The world's most successful pirate was. Oh names like blackbeard. Come up as the world's most successful pirate was actually a lady named ching she. Oh yes i've read about her. She was a sex worker in china until the commander of the red flag fleet bought her and then married her but he considered her his equal and so she became an active pirate commander in took over the fleet after his death. Actually she would make a really interesting topic all in around. Yeah you're right so expect to hear that from cat catch up in. The eighteen thirties was used as medicine. L. yeah it was sold as a cure for upset stomachs by an ohio. Physician named john cook now. Are we talking tomato ketchup or mushroom ketchup. Or fish catch up. It doesn't say it just says catch up. I know there were eleven million different types of it but it can be traced back to this stomach medicine in the eighteen thirties. Well up can be traced back to the fish sauce that it originated from in asia. But because remember. I did a topic on catch him remember. It was right after the one you did on calendars and i appreciate your attitude right now. Andrew jackson had a pet parrot. Amazing yes and in true. Andrew jackson style. He spent hours each day dealing with no he wasn't doing with it but maybe verbally because he taught his parrot to swear sir to curse. He thought it was hilarious. Unfortunately at his funeral his parrot they brought his parents and his parrot started swearing and had to be removed at his funeral. That was attended the funeral. I wanted his parrot at the funeral. It's wonderful so maybe that was his plan to teach the parrot. Swear and then tell people. He wanted his parrot at the funeral so as parrot would swear at his funeral that's was his equivalent of being shot out of a cannon maybe when world war two ended in russia. They celebrated in a different way. They just got liquor it up. Oh yeah they drink so much liquor so much vodka that they ran out. I've been there this week. When the war ended street parties broke out the engulfed the soviet union. They lasted for days. All of the nation's vodka reserves ran out in twenty two hours a lot of vodka russia. That's amazing thing on was it. Did you do anything on pineapples about how that was a status symbol or did we just mention. It just talked about top five kind of thing. Yeah people used to rent the pineapples. Yes yeah in. The eighteenth century in england you were rich if you had a pineapple and that was a status symbol so they would pay ridiculous amounts of money for a pineapple not to eat it they would just carry it around so people would see. They had one

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