Why Online Conspiracies Arent Just an QAnon Problem

The Big Story


Why don't you start for those of us who didn't watch the infamous jeopardy episodes By setting the scene Who is kelly donohue and what was kind of happening leading up to the moment that we're gonna start with You know. I never talked to kelly. He's a he's a state employee in massachusetts. I think were on bank regulation and visually. He's a big balding white dude with a wearing a red tie and blue blazer in you know he was sort of on a bit of a role on jeopardy. He had one in fact three in a row which is pretty good. And i think with you know. Set to take home ballpark hundred thousand dollars. And in. after he won the first time on the second show he puts when they announced that he has already won one. He holds up a finger for once in the second time. On the beginning of the third show they not suggests already won twice. He holds up two fingers and then on the fourth show after his won three times. They nazis one three times in the up three fingers and what happened right away. Well he helped the fingers in kind of a weird way. He folded in his index finger in his thumb. Any kind of held them across his chest and a handful of people. A couple dozen people on twitter said that's weird. That's some kind of secret you know. White supremacist hand gesture. Or is that cunanan sign or what is that. It was a weird way of holding his hand and jeopardy contestants who are very earnest and very focused on jeopardy have their own private admission only facebook group only for contestants which is like a pretty cool honored to be part of. I think if you've been on the show and in that group people started messaging the moderators like. We've got to do something about this. But they kept it all just in messages to the moderators. Because there's an iron clad rule that you don't post about that night's episode until eleven because you don't want to spoil it for the west coast

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