Bride Dies, Groom to Marry Her Sister Instead


Bride dies at her own wedding leading room to Mary her sister instead. Huh? Yeah. No. Let me let me repeat that Sheriff Bride dies at her own wedding leading room to marry her sister instead. It's in India. So, so it's an arranged marriage situation released. It was Thursday. This happened Thursday night. By the way, monkish Kumar. Um, was The wedding beast. He's the groom his bride to be surfing, according to the Times of India. Survey complained of uneasiness collapsed during the wedding ritual. But this before they given their vows, family rushed her to a medical facility. But she was pronounced dead on arrival. If only she had a heart attack. Oh, my God up there at the altar. So they bring the body back, which is Indian tradition, same venue by the way, different room because it was happening at home. And They decide between the parents. That maybe he should just go ahead and marry the sister. So he does. While the body of the original bride is in the other room. Even by Indian standards, with

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