Developing for Intent: Joe Bradley on LivePerson and Conversational AI

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We have the chief scientist at liveperson. Joe bradley joe. Welcome to the show. Thanks salver it's nice to be here. How are you good good. So i feel like everyone on earth has used live person whether or not they actually know that they have but for those who don't know what is live person. Yeah no. you're not uncommon to see realized that there's sort of a lot of people either technology to now. We have thousands of brands that we work with and have been doing so for a number of years but we up until now have largely been like under the brands right. So so what we do. Well lifers does. Is we have a waiver. Brands and customers to communicate with each other and on the customer side could be inside an app messaging brand. You could be a you know texting sms. you could be talking online and japan. You could be on we chat right you could be making this connection really in lots of different typically messaging style venues i on the brand side. They have an agent or an automated system. It'd be sitting in a context under somewhere these days. They'd be sitting at their home communicating with you. I and they're using our software to manage that interaction and brings all caesar's of course to find you automated ways for to talk to their customers. Which is one of the exciting areas where we're trying to invade. Yeah in talk a little bit about that specifically because you know when i think of a customer service why we call it. A customer service centre tool You know you mentioned before that i can wear. I'm choosing to communicate with the brand's customer service response whether it's social direct chat like you mentioned or opening up. Those self-help portal's brand side was like. Hey you wanna talk to an of those things open up. You wouldn't think that we would need conversational. Ai or anything like that. Because i'm talking to a person but give our is an idea of what it is. You are accomplishing over there. That's transforming experience because it's no longer just oh instantly talk agent. And that's that's that it's you know i'm typing things in your finding information more readily available to me possibly on the agent signed. Give us an idea of how a i plays a part in this because it's no longer just like you said it's no longer one to one. I'm just chatting with somebody. Yeah i mean there's a few different ways right so so the most obvious way is when you speak with one of our brands you might speak with an automated customer service agent or you buy college pod bot people use different names for these things and our customers build these on our platform trying to create experiences for their customers right. So so that's kind of a thing where it's where. It's the most obvious now where it's less obvious as you said you have agents working for the brands. You might get a hand off from a chat. Audra elevated agent that handoff contains some information and it so they can help you rather than have to make you say everything you've already said again or type everything typed again they'll get the relevant information in a timely way and be able to you kinda start the conversation warrant which is the experience we all

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