A highlight from Faith Adjacent: Breakfast Foods

The Bible Binge


It back to back to back up into beep beep make hello and welcome to faith adjacent a spinoff of the bible bench podcast where we send our faith antenna to see if we can get reception in unlikely places. I'm your host. Aaron moon resident bible scholar on the bible bench and this month hold the milk. Put back the sugar as we dive into the spiritual history of the most important meal of the day according to the food and drug administration breakfast and a quick disclaimer before we get started. Faith is very personal. Everyone brings their own set of lenses and perspectives to anything they encounter in the world and that includes religion scripture faith always welcome journal rebukes additional thoughts as well as attention to blind spots. I may not have considered. This is a conversation if this is spiritual archaeology to dig together. Okay guys as you know. I am on my own personal pilgrimage to just podcast about the things that i love and i love breakfast i love i hop. I love waffle house. I like the nc breakfast brunch. I like cold cereal standing over the sink. I love pancakes. Give me a mimosa.

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