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Hi everyone and welcome back. Ageless so this week. We have our friend nina. Agdal on the podcasts. You probably know her from sports illustrated but she is also a health and wellness guru. She has the doll method. Which is her fitness app and hosts classes in the hamptons. She is amazing. So we hope you guys love this episode as much as we loved her courting it and let us know your thoughts over on instagram. So let's just jump right into it with nina. I want to hear first about your health and wellness journey and how you first got into fitness. Oh my god. I mean dad journey honestly goes back to when i was so little like i grew up with a soccer dad like he trained my brother to to play soccer. My brother went semi pro and my family has always been so active like they were like you know. We weren't so into music or traveling like he was like playing sports like entering competitions. Always trying something new like my dad was like try something like if you're good at it continue doing it if you enjoy continue doing it but just keep trying new things so i basically grew up with that and started dancing. Competitively then started. Playing basketball again tried. Every single sport and played it started entering my teenage years where other things in life start happening like parties. And you know you wanna do other things than going to basketball games and dancing competitively. So i kinda like didn't do as many sports then. But that's when i was discovered to do modeling to and obviously modeling comes with a certain responsibility. Like i like to describe it. It's like you know you have to be a professional athlete. 'cause it's definitely moving towards the direction where the body and the sizing and the measurements are not as important thing god. We're getting there. But when i started. What is that thirteen years ago. It was not a thing where with okay to be like different sizes which is a completely different topic conversation. But that's when. I got into fitness where i really had to like. Educate myself on how to take care of my body which is also process. Because there's so many ways to do it like you know that just living in new york it's like there's a gym and a method and a right and a wrong way on every single corner and how to how to train yourself and how to get in shape and fitness but it really started from when i was little and then activated when i did modeling and yeah and now i'm finally in a in a good place in a healthy relationship with fitness which i think you know it takes a long time especially if you're young girl and dealing with all these things in the world has so many opinions on what you should be doing. So yeah that's how it started. What was your class. I do think it's so important to start little kids on that fitness journey. You know and make it fun not make it a thing just making it part of their lives so that you grow up doing things and sports being active without it seeming like i have to. Do you know like. I think no healthy also compared to tv. An iphone and and gadgets and just technology nowadays like. I think it's so easy i can imagine. I don't have kids. i can imagine that it's so easy to go the route of leading that being. Then what is it word distraction but like the activity for children but like i think if you grew grow up with parents encourage you to like move your body and do sports and compete. There's something healthy and not to you. Know like a mind that works like if you grow up and you don't get to like socialized in that way and build up your your personality in the setting of of competing or whatever like. i think. There's something really important just by doing that. Yeah i def- i agree. I you guys taught me how to surf. When i was so little and i think surfing is for me a form of meditation. And it's like a great way to stay fit but i also remember the rush and the energy when i used to run track in high school. I think that it helps you build a great relationship with your body because you're just watching it be able to achieve in a way. That's not a sweat app or like a cow. I'm like there's no counting anything and there's no counting rap you know it's about getting up on that board and feeling that your body's capable of so many things but it's like it'd be don't go out and met with that you're never gonna realize how much you're capable of and i think that's the same thing goes into fitness that way also don't you think there's sort of two ways to think about being active and doing fitness is that you're either doing it to get to this end goal or you're doing it because it's super fun and the bonus at the end helps you look better. You know. it's both are valid. But it's kinda like a good balance may be to have both. I definitely think so. But i also think that's something that kinda goes in waves as we go through life stages in our lives like there were certain times where i was so gold like like searching for something whether it was physical work.

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