Tesla Seems to Be Stripping Software Features


Everybody rob mauer here. Welcome back to tesla daily after. Hopefully a nice long weekend for many of you. I hope everybody made it through lumbar gate yesterday without tussle daily episode. If you're not sure what. I'm talking about yet with that. Will of course be discussing that in this episode. We also have updates on tusla's move to pure vision. Some i reports on how that's going a minor postponement of the platte model s. delivery event couple product updates tesla's interest in the restaurant business and a couple other stories as well. Somehow we are already now. In june tesla stocks. Starting off the last month of q down zero point two percent pretty quiet on the day to six hundred twenty. Three dollars ninety cents. That compare to the nasdaq also down slightly one tenth of a percent. We'll start off here just quickly on the lumbar support topic. This caused quite a bit of stir this weekend as somebody unread. It took delivery of a new model y and notice that on the passenger seat. The lumbar support control had been removed. So that's the area of the seat that would support your lower back. Previously could move that upper down. Inter out and tesla has decided to remove that from the new model three and model. Why again for the passenger seat. Only driver seat still has the control so understandably pretty disappointing for a customer to have to find that someone was expressing disappointment on this on twitter. Saying they don't like the direction tesla's going raising prices of vehicles but removing features like lamar for the monterey on top of rumors of fasd increased to fourteen thousand dollars without any real added features do fasd. Unless you're a beta tester. You lana plant that saying quote moving. Lamar was removed only in front passenger seat of three slash. Obviously not there. In rear seats log showed almost no usage not worth cost slash mass for everyone when almost never used prices increasing due to major supply chain price pressure industry-wide raw materials especially and

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