A highlight from Blind Guy Travels: Noodle Arms No More


Simple. So natural is impossible for me. I guess that muscle right between the eyebrows. The one that makes them come together into a look of concern that muscle just never developed. I was born blind so the only facial expressions i can make are the instinctive ones the ones. We are biologically program to make like smiling pouting. Yawning crying. I never learned the rest. I probably have the smoothest forehead. Ever since i never actually wrinkly and i can only smile for about ten seconds before my facial muscles start spouse mc since. They're not used to working so hard. I don't know how people can keep a polite smile all day. It sounds incredibly painful as a kid. My parents did their best. To teach me how to blend. In with the cited world. They would constantly remind me smile when talking to people since talking with a blank expression was kind of creepy. They also taught me to turn my head to face people when i talk to them. Inevitably i'd ask why i had to learn all this and i can still remember my dad's answer just because you can't see them doesn't mean they can't see you. When i was in third grade. My parents were helping me rehearse for a school play. The story was called the little red hen and it involves something being stolen on a farm as the former in the play. I had to go around and interrogate the animals one by one and what my parents realized during these rehearsals was that i didn't know how to point the pointing motion with the clenched. Hand and straightened index finger had no significance for me. It was something. I'd only read about in books and so i ran my lines diligently over and over but as far as i can remember when i delivered those lines on stage. I stood rooted to

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