Do I Need a Website if I Don't Have a Product Yet?


Patties questioned about selling products. Just off social media. Not having a website is a brilliant one because there are many people that start out this way and don't know really if it's necessary or win to move to an actual website. I very very strong opinions about this topic. And the best way for me to explain why i believe you should have. A website is through an analogy. And then i'm gonna ask you a question to really get you thinking so the analogy i can think of. Is you know you can buy a home and move in and sleep in the home and have as sheltered your place of residence or you can buy a tent and you can pitch the tent on somebody else's property or even you know a public park in the moment you might think. Hey this works. The tent is giving me shelter. The weather's nice. I'm okay but the weather not always going to be nice and right now. No one's complaining but that land that you're pushing her tent on it's not yours and anybody can kick you out anytime they can kick you off that land versus home own. That's built on agree foundation that no matter what the weather is still going to hold now the reason why give this metaphor metaphors because when you build your business on social media. That's exactly what it is. You're building on somebody else's property. You don't own instagram instagram. Changing algorithm can kick you off can do whatever they want. And maybe unlikely but it's possible and you'll have the ability to do anything you want in your corner of the internet. You're limited to what instagram for example allows and by the way anything that you put on. Instagram is instagram's property those images. You put up there not copyrighted anymore. Part of their terms and services at all the continents there. They can do what they want with your on their servers odyssey most of us don't read these terms and conditions but give it a read if you want to. You will see. And i don't want to be too harsh about this because i do think it's good 'cause you're getting started with it and it gives them traction. You're getting some sales and is a good place to start. But now they have some buyer's it's time for you to move to a website.

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