Biden Is Lying and Will Raise Your Taxes


We please stop the nonsense? Not interested in hearing about how Joe Biden's a nice guy. Nice guy. He's destroying the country. He's turning our military into a social justice experiment. He's destroying the economy, an economy that should be exploding. Right now. We have mass inflation right around the corner. But don't worry. He's lunch bucket, Joe Well, he's telling three big lies. They're gonna impact you your wallet in your business. Why number one, which isn't really a lie. Because he Hold the lie while telling the truth. I know you're like, Wait, then he can't be lying and telling the truth the same time? No, This is Biden silly liberals fell for it. First big lies, Joe Biden says he's definitely not going to raise your middle class taxes. He said that a lot. I covered it yesterday. Member that I'm not raising anyone's taxes. If you don't make $400,000 your folks, he said it. It's on tape. I don't need to play it again. For the second time he played yesterday. You've heard it. Liberals will yell at you. Like Austin. Goolsbee did when I was hosting for Hannity on Friday, saying, No, no, no. Biden's repeatedly said he's not raising middle class taxes. That's in fact, a lie. Which Biden himself told the truth about You doubt me? Well, let's go to Kamila Harris versus vice president who knows what influence she has in the White House right now. Here's Kamila Harris admitting the truth while lying about not raising middle class taxes. Check this out, because you see Fayetteville When we get this thing done on Tuesday, Joe Biden and I are about to get rid of that tax bill. What guys? Ladies chance what is with the Democrats and the fake accents? You see Fade Bill she's from California. I'm from New York. Okay? I

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