Eurovision Song Contest to Proceed With Limited Audience


The eurovision song contest is primarily. And if we're honest correctly regarded as a ludicrous pageant of dreadful and or baffling pop music. But your revision also heaves with political and diplomatic subtext outside world cups and olympic games. There are few better opportunities than you. Revision for a nation to project itself. One hundred and eighty two million people watched the two thousand and nineteen contest. Many more besides would have seen highlights and lowlights in the social media fades and not only in the thirty nine countries which compete the cancellation of last year's revision song contest due to the covid. Nineteen pandemic prompted an amount of marymount of the every cloud slash silver lining variety. But it's back. This year's eurovision song contest takes place in rotterdam next saturday preceded by semifinals. This tuesday and thursday while this is first and foremost good news for fans of cheesy songs overwrought performances and hosts with suspiciously gleaming teeth reading leaden labor dialogue. Like someone is pointing a gun at them. It is also terrifically exciting for those who appreciate your revision as sort of annual soft power tournament. What are the do's and don'ts of making the most of the national branding possibilities of eurovision who is good at it and who isn't and we'll anybody ever vote for the again.

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