The Disappearance of Jennifer Fay: A Three Decade Mystery

The Case


Jennifer fay case was broadcast on a national outlet. I don't know if it was america's most wanted or unsolved mysteries but it was somewhere out there. The jennifer fay team had hotline and they got two calls one from louisiana. The other one from california both saying the same thing that i think i know who you're looking for and she is in louisiana so the team started looking into and they started noticing that the mystery woman's started at the age of sixteen at about the same time the jennifer's history disappear. So that makes sense the. She looks similar to what they think. Jennifer would look like today and her handwriting even look at the handwriting and and that was similar So the the jennifer fait team here massachusetts contacted. Private is down in corpus christi. Because the information was this woman married somebody who was in the navy and that person relocated from louisiana to corpus christi. They found the house and they had somebody watched this woman and And then they reported. I think the shot some video and sent it back and showed the pi team. The team's doing all this work dotty has no idea what's going on. And they debated whether or not they should tell her where they didn't want to get her hopes up and they were not one hundred percent convinced they just thought it looked good and they did get to the point where they said to daddy. This is what we're thinking about. We want to bring you down. We want you to see this for yourself. That's fox twenty. Five reporter bob ward. He's been working the jennifer fake case. Anybody over twenty years. We also have the chance to talk to charlie castro michelle littlefield to private investigators who've been working the case for well over a decade as you heard at the beginning of the episode. Charlie was in corpus christi with jen's mom dottie and jen's aunt he tells us more about the information that led him to believe that this girl might be jennifer

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