Bottled Vs. Tap: The Battle to Quench Our Thirst



For as long as humans have been around. We've always needed to find sources of drinking water but that challenge is not look the same throughout our history. Peter glick is co-founder of the pacific institute. Which is a nonprofit focused on global water issues. He's also the author of the book bottled and sold the story behind our obsession with bottled water. And peter classifies. The human motor relationship into three different eras the first euro of water. In my way i think about it was really before. Civilization when humans were hunter-gatherers and we simply depended on nature to provide the water that we could find in rivers or lakes and life was miserable and short and brutish anyway and that era lasted literally for hundreds of thousands of years during the evolution of humanity. Frank chapelle as geologist who specializes in the chemistry of groundwater and he wrote a book called wellsprings a natural history of bottled spring waters. Frank says that finding clean water to drink was one of the many things that made our life as early humans so miserable and so brutish water by its very nature is not usually particularly clean is a very good solvent. It'll dissolve just about anything which means it picks up whatever it travels through and intermingled with whatever gets into it good and bad rocks quote unquote organic matter by which i mean. Basically animal poo and so drinking water for a lot of most of human history. A few how to source of clean water. Then you're pretty lucky because it's just not very common and humanity has gathered by these rare clean water sources but sometimes we do have to leave home and so one of the earliest examples of bottled water. We have has been just finding ways to put that water in a container for storage and then transported either for own use or to sell

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