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Your host. Ed crasnick my co host a licensed therapist jennifer kalari. What we coming up in just a minute and on this show We're going to talk about movies and mental hawk. How movies relate to your mental health. And we're going to do that with two of my very good friends. Lucky to have them both. Really talented comics writers performers. Kathy lagman and sue kalinski. That's coming up a little later We also are gonna do some questions and answers listener questions and Some answers from jennifer things that we haven't done before we're gonna talk about parenting. We're gonna talk about self parenting. We're gonna talk about again about the difference between being kind and being nice and how to navigate difficult friendships. All of those kind of things are coming up on the show I want to talk about movies because they've had such a big a place in my mental health. It really was the sanctuary for me as a kid. Movie moments that affect what you think and how you feel in your perspective and of course lobbies moments stayed with me. The movies was one of the places that i felt. Okay otherwise i was driving myself insane. Didn't know that feelings don't make you a bad person. So as a kid and a teenager i had a headache most of most of the time but twenty four hours a day. But there was one place has a kid especially. We had an old summer house. That was between boston and cape cod in a town called nand task beach about twenty miles south of boston and It was a working class middle class summer town. And you knew you were there because as soon as you came around the corner you begin to see the tip of a wooden roller coaster huge wooden roller coaster and the ocean behind it and it was an old amusement park called paragon park and we spent a lot of time there and this this summer town we lived on an alphabet. St twenty nine th street but the drugstore and the baseball field was it l. street and on the edge of that field was a place called the bayside movie house. Maybe it was even a house. I'm not sure it looked like a house in the front of the gray stucco building. There were two big movie posters on street level and i would stand in front of them and just look up and imagine what these movies were to sir with love. The russians are coming into mad mad world behind it an and then also outside on the bottom level was A rolltop concession. Stand like a window that they would roll up and you get your uber's in you raise nets new racist cups and your pixie sticks. Your milk duds your candy buttons on the strips of paper. It was fiber in those days. You put them all in your mouth. You look like a gerbil going up the stairs and down the stairs into a seventy five seat maroon velvet movie theater palace. They had fifty cent rainy day. Matinees for kids. Fifty cents would get you into c don knotts film retrospective costa mr chicken. Reluctant astronaut incredible mr limp. Two kids don knotts was an acting genius. He was the fish and in that theatre. All the smells old would saltaire. Fresh popcorn come all over the floor rain on a tin roof. And i loved the movies because when the lights went down. The feelings came up at in the movies. I never had to take care of anybody. The movies have always taken care of me and so that that kind of stuff like lives in my memory and we always like to welcome you no matter what emotional state you're in no matter what state our listeners are in here are emotional shoutouts if you've decided to call this the summer of love and have been singing the song purple haze to your cat. Welcome if you'd like to barbecue your leftover feelings from third grade. Welcome if you're trying to reimagine burning men in your bathtub. Welcome if you've mirrored your tele therapy session at a drive in and your therapist is on a screen. Three hundred feet high. Welcome if you go to a pool party in your pajamas and jump in any way. Welcome if you eat your potluck dinner. You're bringing to your friend's house. Welcome if you start to watch a horror movie and start screaming during the opening credits. Welcome and if you're beating yourself up even now there's always a place for you right here from the mental. Health comedy podcast. is brought to you by you over you over. Looks like an attractive pair of cool sunglasses. But with their photovoltaic lenses they allow you to reimagine and actually do over the difficult challenging painful past experiences. You've had remember that our teacher in kindergarten. That made fun of you because you couldn't draw. Well you just throw masterpiece on. Her face bullies a crazy boston insane rate in college and abusive ex. You over lets you do you over the way you truly are. It's an inner funhouse. Make the pass a real present to yourself with you over time

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