The Death of Kendrick Johnson


On the morning of january eleventh. Jackie was at her son. School probably hoping he had just spent the night at a friend's house and his phone died and his friends phone died and his friends. Parents phone died and then all the phones on the block died. Because you would tell yourself anything to not think the worst and then you do whatever you can to find them at eight thirty a. m. jackie was in the school guidance. Counselors office at that same moment in the gym. A student was walking on top of a row of rolled up gym mats that were lined up vertically against the wall. Each matt stood almost seven feet high and three feet across making a sort of makeshift walkway. Why anyone was allowed to walk on a seven foot. High vertical rolled up. Jemat is anyone's guess. But in one of the matt's the students saw what looked like feet wearing hanes socks. She called some friends over and when they saw what she saw. One of them screamed lowndes. High head athletic trainer philip pipe. Low and one of the other coaches ran across the gym. Push the mat over on its side and a male's body tumbled out along with blood and vomit pipe blow-back away. The other coach told the students to leave the job at that moment. Back in the guidance counselors office. The phone rang the volume may have been tad too high because coming from the other end. Jackie could clearly hear someone say. They found a body in the gym. The guidance counselor rushed out of the room and jackie sat there probably frozen in terror because in that moment she just knew that body was the body of her son. Kendrick when police. Ems arrived on the scene. They confirmed that the body and the matt was indeed. That of kendrick. Johnson

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