Has Giannis Antetokounmpo Earned More Respect During NBA Finals?


Of jaanus. We have a lot to talk about what it when it comes to the greek freak because he is just one win away from winning his first. Nba finals but the two time. Mvp still hasn't gotten total respect around the league from his peers. Just last year james harden. Instead of the honest. I wish i could just run and be seventeen. And just don't like that takes no skill at all. I had to actually learn how to play basketball and how to have skill. you know. i'll take that any day. Well chris paul just last week said of his finals opponent quote he comes down there. He dunks his dunks. You don't more than he shoots a layup. I don't know about this bullshit and has earned more respect during these finals for me. I don't respect him anymore. Any less than i did going into the final. Skip for me for a guy that everybody says that he can't do and he doesn't. I think the biggest thing is to make a long story short skip. He can't shoot the ball kevin durant. He's not flashy with handling the ball. Like daimler steph curry. He shoot the then. I saw back shoes. Like james harden. He's not as accomplished or if charismatic is lebron james football. A lot of guys can't can't can't can't he's a two time league. Mvp he's a defensive player of the year and he's on the cusp of winning title and being finals. Mvp that's a hell of a carpenter for a guy that got a lot of kids.

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