Does the 4-Day-Week Really Work?


I have been such a fan of the day workweek for ever. The quality of life improvement working for longer days instead of five regular days. Were you have three days away from the office versus two days away from the office and i say office i mean from work. I think is incredible and you may have heard. They've been a lot of news. Reports about how iceland. His experimented with four day workweeks. And they believe it's been a massive success that they've actually had higher productivity it companies in iceland by doing the four day week instead of the five day week and i hope that as employers have seen that flexibility still gets the job done and retaining workers is becoming harder and harder thing. They giving people more flexibility in their lives and four ten hour days. Let's stay instead of five eight hour days. It's the same number of hours at work but when you think about that thing. That was all corporate speak Five years ago or whatever work life balance and companies would say. But they didn't mean it but when you have somebody who's got three days threefold as they can do whatever i think about the people who work in jobs where they work Three longer days on and then they have three days off places that are seven day places. How much they love the three and three in this case. We're talking about four on three off. I mean it's something that. I hope that the bosses at various places will see the wisdom of in even for themselves. Having more time with family with friends. It will be a fuller life a better career doing that. And i think people are better workers when they have more downtime. Like that

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