James Clear on the Imortance of Building Good Habits

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What attracted you to the idea of habits. Why did it resonate with your audience. Well they're probably multiple reasons. I mean one thing is you're building habits whether you're thinking about them or not. Garrett body is doing brain is doing all the time to get through life and pattern matching into just live more efficiently depending on which study you look at somewhere between forty to fifty percent of. Your behaviors are automatic and habitual. But that's usually referencing just stuff that like you think about like Brushing her teeth. You're tying your shoes or pulling your phone out of your pocket to check it. And i think the true influence your assets even greater than that you know who knows what the number is. seventy eighty. Ninety percent of your behaviors are either habitual or influenced strongly by your habits. So take for example. Checking your phone. I mean you could be standing in line at the grocery store. Just you know waiting for something of an extra peanut three minutes and you just kind of out of habit. Pull your phone out. Will you may think carefully about responding to that. Email that you're reading or you know a whatever you're reading on social media or playing video game but that menu of options the behavior that you're following was all shaped by the habitable your phone out so the our habits have a very strong influence on our lives and they. They're very wide reaching their impact and in a sense. You know what many of us most of us want is some form of results in life and almost all of your results are downstream from your habits. So you know pretty much. Every outcome you have is a lagging measure of the habits that preceded so your weight's lag measure of your nutrition habits. Your bank account is a lagging measure of your financial habits. Your knowledge is lagging measure of your reading and learning habits. Even little stuff like the clutter on your desk or you know in your living room is a lagging measure cleaning habits so given that were building habits already. And they're going to be part of your life whether you think about them and given that the results that we all say we care so badly about s- Are strongly influenced by your habits. Adding it makes sense to dive into the more deeply and understand how they work so that you can be the architect of your abbots not the victim of

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