A highlight from Tuesday Post Show (6-8-21)


It's time for the bobby bones post show. Here's your host. Bobby friends head. He says he has witnessed to near death. Experiences crazy crazy so the first one was took the boys the pool the whole family was there. And there's a little kitty pool but right next to it was a big slide. Where older kids can go down the slide or whatever. and then there's a lady on top of the slide. I'm talking about two stories and she's yellen my baby my baby and i'm just i'm not even swimming. I'm just chilling on the side on the little picnic table on my phone. I look up and just started. Did your life guard comes back in safe. You know it. So i'm starting to like my my is safe from the kidepo count though amy screaming my baby. Oh so i start scanning the water like a lifeguard all my instincts comeback scanning training. Yes and i'm looking. I see nothing. Which is even worse than i thought. That means the baby's submerged. She's pointing my baby my baby. Luckily there was another parent in the area. Yeah the baby had fallen off her floaty device and fell face first into the end of the pool and she was just floating like almost lifeless and the mom the yukon. You finally found her. Violent is finally founder and then the mom picked her up. Baby was eyes wide open breathing and just startled. So we're live. Thank goodness. But i mean i was at the edge of the pool. Ready to go in. i might ask going anyway. Even if they didn't need you to be there just in case. I really just didn't know where the baby was. But i mean again the kitty pulls about knee-deep so i wouldn't have had that deep. Yeah ok. p dot com and a little bit. Well we go to walmart. We get a pull in the summer. You fill it up water hose and it would go to you. Just sit in it and it still doesn't even go all the way that's what i thought the kiddy pool one of those you buy from walmart. Yeah no no no but need the but anyway i didn't have to save anyone thankfully. The baby was good. And i even went to the mom as she cool like everything. Good mouth to mouth. Oh no no no need only for all that and then the second one. I was at the grocery store. And i'm walking in the grocery store walking through the parking lot and i see it even right before it's about to. There's someone backing up their car. And there's a family walking behind it and a little girl. Probably the age of nine nine eight or nine walking behind his car and whoever's drawn his car is not it's not a slow backup she's going ooh backing up. And i'm like oh my god the kids gonna get hit by a car and the mom just reaches for her child and pulls her and misses her. I bet the bumper tapped her foot as she was pulling as the mom was pulling the baby. The the little girl away so your scream saved it. I didn't scream. I was just like oh my gosh. All my hands in the air waves around like he just didn't care. Yes yes hands in the air when like it just didn't care and and i just couldn't believe it. I mean we were split. Second way of of bad bad catastrophe. So to be fair to eddie before we started rhythm a little bit What you are which we already. You didn't say you almost save two lives no said you saw two i witness. Yeah but you did kind of. Set it up dramatically. I'm a lifeguard instincts or back. The back of my neck raise like when i was nineteen. I'm telling you at the pool. I was ready to go in. I believe i believe you would've james you thank you. That's crazy these. Although i do watch news music starts playing and eddie posted one piece always ready boys. There is a podcast called get real with caroline hobby. She has on comedian. Josh wolff caroline josh talked about his climb to the top of the comedy world. While being a single dad two three he also talked about how an encounter with a homeless person on the street holding tacos changed his entire life perspective. So if you're looking for a new. Podcast i was over on the bt page yesterday and they were talking about what podcast. I listen to like outside of the show. And i think this is one i would suggest. Get with caroline hobby. It's fantastic and she's even filling in a bit for me on the opry to I saw this Natalie and i kinda split duties sometimes. We're natalie's doing the feed stuff. And i'm doing the tv stuff. But now natalie paul who'd gone off amos and she's a runaway jew. Now she's torn the country. Was it like to be famous and goal natalie's though we knew her when she was playing fiddle for us by fiddle dominating our and singing and fiddling and us being like nancy deserves a bigger job than this but Yeah caroline how. He's doing a great job. The hottest new tattooed trend is uh is facing neck tattoos more than ever before like tattoo artists going. Hey they're coming in at a substantial rate post malone right justin bieber lot well neck face neck. Yeah there but neck is crazy faces ridiculous. You know anyone personally has a face tattoo. Maybe zac brown. Oh yeah maybe he's got a little one. yeah he's going to be on the show. friday drop. i don't know. I don't think you kill somebody or drop me a blink teardrop you try if it means killing filled in means successful. He has a lot of tattoos but him and i had the same tattoo. Person am i mean. I've got like five five hundred but it's the guys who filled in our show. Boxers are out on the cat and so I bet zack has something on his face. Do we know anybody with tattoo on their face. I don't think so that's hardcore. Someone brought up to me. I said hey because we talked about if we know somebody that's one hundred years old or if we ever met anybody a hundred years old ever met a billionaire right and i was like a hundred years old. No i guess a billionaire. And i said charles schwab because i met him a few weeks ago. This also johnny morris from bass pro. Oh course yeah. He's seventy five so many times over. And so i'd forgotten all about is worth four point one billion dollars to rub elbows with a bunch of billionaires out there who charles schwab and was quick. I was doing some work for charles schwab. And i met him real quick and i was like wow look at that. He's beiber could be. And but yes. I i do know johnny morris little bit from basketball. I see that's crazy to think he has four billion dollars right. Also when i drive by any bass pro or they you'll get the new document or something. I'd be like man. Johnny and get a rebate on that So yes all the face tattooed thing. I don't get a tattoo on your face and here's why it's a trend trends come trends go. It's a trend trends. Come trends go. I want you to remember the trans- go part unless you're also a career. That is extremely creative. Tattoos are tough especially when you can see them everywhere. I've seen a lot of chefs though with four but sleep tattooed. Oh yeah more than i've ever seen before and artsy tender launched a block your ex tool that helps users avoid any awkward run ins while on the dating app so i guess you wouldn't want to see your exxon dating app for a couple of reasons. Probably it'd be hard but now tender has launched the option of block specific contacts on the app. It includes ex partners or even family members or colleagues like they're on it or you can just select in your contact all of your phone number you can just blackout that person and so it has good. I did see and we're not talking about this. I did see on speaking of beating facebook page. I guess morgan had broke news over there that she has a boyfriend or something saying she posts dude's feet

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