A highlight from MURDERED: Mollie Olgin

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Today i want to take you back to pride month of twenty twelve when two teenage girls in love are forced to endure terrible trauma as the blush of their first romance gets twisted into something much much darker this is the story of molly olgin At around eight thirty on the morning of saturday. June twenty third in portland texas. A woman named chris is out and about at violet. Andrews park with her husband stand. Now it's one of those summer mornings where the sun is high enough to give off just this great light but the heat hasn't gotten out of control yet so chris instant or excited to spend some time in nature and you know do a little quality bird-watching and south texas is actually a pretty good spot for this since portland is less than three hours from the. Us mexico border. There's always a chance that keen watcher could see some more exotic birds from down south. So if you're shall we say eagle-eyed while out bird-watching just anyway. It is a beautiful quiet morning. the sun is out. There's a light breeze coming in off the ocean and from the overlook. They're standing on. Stan and chris can see the corpus christi skyline in the distance. It is pretty much a perfect morning. With then as chris taking pictures of the scenery she suddenly gets this terrible feeling. She lowers her camera and looks around when out of the corner of her eye. She notices something at first chris. Things it's trash and she calls for stand come check it out but when he does he something that makes the blood freeze in her veins. Oh my god. It's two bodies. Chris forces herself to look again and they're in the tall grass. Just as stand said are two young women lying motionless and covered in blood from a single glance. It's obvious that some truly terrible things have happened to them so without even stopping to check. If the women are alive. Chris in stan run to call for help. Police and first responders rush out to violin. Andrews park within five minutes of the call. And even they are shocked by the brutality of what they're looking at according to dateline. Nbc's episode about this case called the overlook both women have been shot in the head and they are bound gagged and are blindfolded with duct tape blood and mud streaked across their bare legs and one of the women has her arm slung over the other almost almost as if she was trying to protect her before they die. Now the emt's are already braced for the absolute worst as they check the bodies. The first girl the one who's being held by the other is cold to the touch with no pulse and she's pronounced dead at the scene but just as they're about to check the second girl. Something incredible happens the woman with her arm over the other one sits up and starts moaning what somehow against all odds. This girl is still alive. She is rushed off to the hospital right away. And this is something that just kind of stops everyone in their tracks. I mean they want to follow her. They wanna make sure she's okay but there's nothing police can do for her. At this point it would be up to the doctors to save her and the best thing police can do for. Her now is to find out who did this so they stay behind at the park to process the scene chris to enter royalva reported for the corpus christi caller times that as officers comb the tall grass looking for clues become come across a discarded energy drink kellyanne and some cigarette butts right near where the girls were found. But you said this was a public park though that garbage could have been out there at any time. Anybody yes so that was my first two but according to the show unusual suspects deadly intent. They didn't episode called terror under the moonlight. Since the park is right on the ocean the seabreeze is actually strong enough that it catches trash pretty quickly so police are thinking that since stuff is still here. It probably hasn't been out there all that long and it at least could be connected officers. Also find a car in the parking lot. So they're hoping that they can trace the license plate number and learn. Who else was in the park last night. Police keep searching. Keep sifting through the landscape around the scrub that comes up to their knees and once again they get lucky. There's no murder weapon waiting for them in the grass but there are a pair of casings both of which look like they were fired from a larger calibre guns police. The casings offer ballistics testing while the energy drink tan and the cigarette butts or sent to be tested for dna last critical clue at the scene that they find is something that they're hoping will give them their first insight into who their victims might be.

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