Infertility & Womens Health With Samantha Davis


While i am here. With samantha davis. Sam is a mama of to one brand new just three months old like to almost as day and is a certified dula and childbirth educator. She wears many hats at embody. Dula trainings as a board member trainer curriculum contributor and membership director. She is a published author with her book. So female samantha or sam liked to be called and metoo welcome to the show. We'll try to make this too confusing with two dulas named sam who love essential oils. How we not met thank you thank you. It's good to be here. thank you for having me. Well i would love to hear more about your book. First and foremost so female. Tell me about that. So basically i had moms coming to me for so long asking me. What oils to use in labor and childbirth postpartum. Even moms that weren't clients of mine. So i ended up doing was i put it in a book and i was like. Oh it's already here in book. And i'm gonna make it super accessible and in affordable it's affordable it's just for women's anyone pick it up and here's the thing and you may have experienced this to all use breastfeeding as an example. Because it's such a common and popular one ray so breastfeeding the big one i get is oh i have a momma who's not producing enough. What oil she continues. Okay well basil's great festivals. Great these all oil. She can use but wait a minute nine times out. It's han it's a latch issue right. So if we're just gonna make moms supply you know. She gained a plethora and she's in gorge. And we're not addressing the actual issue right. We're not solving a problem. We're just gonna end up with an engorged mama. Yes lots of milk is gonna come which is great but we we gotta deal with the flash and see what's up. We need to address that ray.

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