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I feel like a lot of romance is attached to the notion of inspiration. The is a real thing but it is what gets me to a certain place after which time logic and reason have to take over so that these ideas. That seem so rich to me. When i was reading down can be made. Communicable took people. Welcome back to working. I'm your host. Ramon along and i'm your other host isaac butler isaac. This week's episode opened with a banger. I thought a perspective on inspiration that. I'm not sure that i've heard before you had me really nodding my head though. Who is this wise guest of yours. Our wonderful guest. Today is the author. J robert lennon. I should say also that he actually like personally goes by the first name. John sue hear me call him john quite a bit. But you can understand why professionally. If your name is john lennon you might use your your middle name instead. But he is the author of many books including subdivision. Let me think broken river and pieces for the left hand. So j robert lennon has not one but two new books out this year and he's sort of a hard to categorize artist. I wonder if you could tell me a bit about your own thoughts on his work. Sure well. I do think that part of that work. That body of work is that a large buddy work. There's quite a bit of. He's written nine novels. And i believe four short story collections. And all in a bunch of different genres just to give a few examples. Castle is sort of a gothic psychological thriller. Broken river has the bones of a crime novel subdivision. His new novels is a surreal journey through kind of dream inflected town. That may or may not be real. It kind of reminded me of stanislaw lamb or or mira commie back when murakami was any good or even issue guru but trying to categorize the books in those ways. Really leave something out. Which is the john's sensibility. Is what unites all these works. You know the the the unifying genre is the i and mind j robert lennon and in particular his precision with language and his attention to just really odd details. That you might not have thought of or notice but they turn out to be the key to the whole thing and i think that sensibilities pretty unique to him. All of our listeners are going to hear your chad. But i understand that slate plus subscribers get a little something extra this week boy. Don't they yes. Listeners will get to hear the origin story of his short story falling down the stairs one of my favorites from his new collection. And then we'll talk about how his work as a photographer and musician both enriches and sometimes gives them a little bit of a break from his writing bonus segments like these are one of so many reasons.

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