Geraldo Rivera Can't Decide on the Narrative of January 6th Either


Last night, Geraldo can't seem to determine if his friend with air quotes Donald Trump incited a riot or not either. Check this out. I supported President Trump until the period following the election, leading it to the despicable events of January. 6th on January six we brought we bring you want for your damn people. The world and history an apology. But damn budget are all those wrong on both fronts. Profoundly wrong. How the president I have his transcript of what he said. We're going to go march to the capital peacefully. Unpatriotically is inciting a riot is quite confusing. I don't know if you need a thesaurus and dictionary. I don't know where you get what you just Making that up. I don't understand. Like the narrative goes back and forth between this was a planned insurrection to then Trump incited an insurrection despite the fact that Trump said, Go March peacefully and patriotic Li Oh, God, I don't know why you're making that up. And I was a friend of president trouble. Little bit friends like you. You know who needs enemies? I mean, that's being a friend. Two, man, I don't want any friends like that. You imagine that? I I tell Jim and Mike Mike Gold march on Cumulus headquarters peacefully. Unpatriotically. You guys deserve a raise, And then they go there slamming on the door and a cumulus blames me. Fred. Can you imagine that? I mean, I see it. You can folks you can listen to. I don't need to play it here. The transcripts out there. You've heard it 1000 times. Everybody knows what Trump said. But understand this left this cannot decide on a narrative and there's a reason I do. I talk about this stuff because you have to be able to dissect these people when you're able to dissect them and look at what's on the inside. You see, it's never pretty. The reason they can't settle on a narrative is because of what I just said. They're trying to determine what does the maximum political damage not with the truth. They don't care what the truth is. They're not interested in the truth at all. I'll get to that in

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