Jake Recaps an Unreal $40K Weekend

Cracking Aces


Jake you had a good weekend. You finish eighth in the five hundred dollar bracelet event for almost nine k. You chopped the party to fifteen major for six point five k. And you finished second in the w three twenty one hundred k. Guaranteed whilst heads up to a ten cents and go grindr which that got so so you got. You got twenty three for that. So that's what people wanna talk about. Is that that specific tournament score both burkey matt burke who you've had on the show software why he was streaming it with you at his table from maybe fourteen down and he made the final table as well and it was one of the more wild just rides to the final table. It was pretty crazy. I mean it's funny. How things can change so quickly. Because i mean i basically the chip lead from like i think eighty cash biscuit the chip lead from when the money head down to maybe like sixteen or seventeen and then all of a sudden. We're basically like there's twelve left. Eleven that them on the bubble. And it's like there's and on my table. It's me burkey Vlad was was a turning rag Another attorney rag. And i'll emc each in then the other table go now. The goat was on the other table. Chair Whenever his name was hammy or whatever you know jamming fish that ended up winning it Who was just like a total wild card and so it was i. I was actually fortunate to be pretty card debt and not really have like any like supergirl spots we final table. I literally the first hand this final table. This this guy opens under the gun and then calls like twenty blind region with queens suited And i'm like and i had to like i wasn't even like jan j hammy called with the quincy to raise called. Maybe two hands later. I mean it was just it was just wild. It was like he basically just like would randomly go and pre flop for any amount and he would call any amount like it was actually kinda gross. Because with like five left's i think I was five or five. And i had like seventeen blinds. Ali opens the cutoff and have an incredibly easy region with sixes on the button. But i'm man like obviously this is just like a amazing spot but this guy might call with jack antonoff from big blind like he's stole the chip lead end up getting through and didn't really face any. Ah of those like crazy hands until we got ended up getting heads

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