Nancy Pelosi's on Her Last Legs


Let's begin with nancy. Pelosi making what i think is a grave error. I think she always hear about. Donald trump destroyed the norms. Okay nancy pelosi as speaker is wiping out the all the customs traditions of the house of representatives and she must pay what she did is on this baloney january six commission. And i gotta tell you about january six guys. i keep hearing how. It's a giant riot and insurrection. Look i was in the los angeles riots. Fueled by maxine waters not democrat. I was on the streets for three weeks with third battalion. Hundred and sixtieth infantry. That's a riot what happened on capitol hill was a frat party. Okay no comparison all right and the only person killed on. Capitol hill was an unarmed trespasser veteran. Shot by a cop whose name we don't know. Dozens were murdered in los angeles. So you know. Save your drama for your mama. 'cause i'm not entertaining. It and nancy pelosi wants to have this kangaroo court commission so she appoints liz. Cheney nominal republican and now she's going to appoint adam kin zinger the r-enfield of the gop caucus but she's not allowing kevin mccarthy to put jim banks big friend a show and jim jordan on the committee. She doesn't approve. She is picking who the republicans can put on committees. This cannot stand. This is not happened before. Now they strip marjorie taylor green her seats and that was a bad precedent. But it's special. This was a merger we we had to do it. If kevin mccarthy doesn't retaliate. They've set a new standard. He he needs when he becomes majority leader. He needs to and in fact he needs to announce it now. I'm going to strip all you democrat committee chairs

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