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Night show. Hey aranda swear on this week it swear all the fuck fuck. I don't think people really care in the podcast scrolled if he swears. It's not like youtube where they kind of you for swearing radio but if we were allowed to swear but it's our podcast it's our podcast yet and we can swear to all. Yes yes in. Spotify spotify to sensory either apple i nice or any- anyway on any other You know we're out of them. But the two main ones that you gotta realize we're on spotify apple. Podcast school the big ones. I went to matter. Yeah i'm an apple podcasts user myself. I download all sorts podcasts. Yeah see. I'm not an apple. Never been an applicant. Well i'm. I'm an apple guy and yeah you get the new apple when they come out and all that crap guy fucking five year old iphone seven. Oh so you're not like a crazy apple guy. No i'm just a guy who has an iphone and the thing just won't die. Keeps working so i i know a guy who work with the guy who's like a crazy crazy apple people that like any time. There's a new phone or whatever he's gotta go get in line. Yeah get the new phone or get the new. Get do apple. Fucking watson watt or whatever. Yeah those people crack me up. Yeah like you just wait like a month or two in. Then they're going to have something else new coming up and you get that mumin discounted like fifty percents exactly and you're good exactly you go. You don't understand. He tells me you don't understand. You gotta need the first one in wine. It's a thrill like high and like s. An expensive fucking yes so again and we're back i. It's been about a month since we did an episode. Actually it's not true. We had an episode done. We didn't episode. And i listened to it back. I never listen to podcasts back. Yeah i mean what could what could go right with that But i went through this one just because of what the topic was and i wanted to see how it sounded something you know. You just wanna make sure you weren't being su crazy astle creaky. I'm like are you listening to the podcast back. And i sounded like i'd sounded like some gags himself righteous asshole self-righteous dribble all over the place Talking about how. Great talking about how great i was. Nobody wants to hear that and it was just awful. I was like i'm not gonna publish that one. Yeah so. I deleted it so now. We're here all right now. We're here like this whole thing. Like i big deal thing. We were talking about it. It's a big deal rate in Should i tell them what we were talking about. Or i mean if you're willing to risk being a self righteous asshole go like okay so celebrated twenty one years of sobriety right. Which was a big deal mike castle. Yeah but it was a big deal but at the same time like i wanna do this podcast. Where like to help people and do all this stuff and it didn't come out that way. Yeah he came out like me talking. About how great it was being sober for twenty one years like everybody else. That's not that's not really great solution to that. No these depressing things. Listen to it. And i'm like you. If i was listening to that i would not want to get sober based on the story was yeah so yeah i deleted all right So anyway so we're here. We're just kind of talking today. That's cool things coming. We've got a couple episodes coming up that. I think you're going to be fun but i gotta do a little more research in their own. Try something i wanna do. I'll talk to you when we're out on the air about it pay way we could kinda of pool a prank and talking about it. Not me all right well. I'm sure this is fascinating for everybody listening to this right now. Right but we were mentioning. We were mentioning earlier about folger's coffee commercials. Yes and there's this one. I don't know if it's just on the internet or not because i've seen it the only place i've ever seen. It is on instagram browsing instagram stories on easter graham do that. Yes you browse your friends. They can't see me. I mean i don't do that. But i know that people do that. Pops up right in that pops up in an pops up. Your curry comes through the nevada box. There's a lot of fucking ads. But there's this folger's ed pumpkin and this guy getting up super early in the morning and french pressing folders making folger's french yes my question since you have a french prince who the fuck uses a french price. For the only reason. I could think anybody would make folger's french press is if they desperately needed a cup of coffee and had no other way of making otherwise like a french settlement commercial. Because you've got the sun coming up guys give me. It's kid ready the front you know when it's like he did like lexus. His his mr coffees away. You know in a in a fucking cabinet somewhere. Mr cocky got a target rate. Yacky bugs things like this. This folger's is so good. I don't wanna. I don't wanna have my mister copy. Take anything away from it. Newt we're going to go french press. I'm gonna fully experience. This wonderful folger's coffee and i got news for you. This isn't news you know this. Forgers is is okay. It's like it's like if if olympic let me think of an analogy. Say something entertaining. While i think what two hundred is one of those coffee. Yoder's begets coffee yards. The only time i've ever joined folders. Who is when it's out of one of those big ads coffee. Yep it's prayed in those big ass coffee urns right or or if you know when i used to drink a lot of folger's i this office job rick and auditing you see. That's the other place. A lot of folder officejet. yes. I had this job. I all day auditing meta data cannot tell you how boring that she didn't was. Yeah off at the only way i was able to get through. It was to stream a stream. Recordings of like like

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