Cleveland Indians' Name Changed to Guardians


With a name change for our own NFL team. Now there's about to be a new name for Cleveland's Major League baseball team. The team has been the Indians since 1915. Together We are all Cleveland guardians. The new name was revealed in a video narrated by Tom Hanks. The change was triggered by a national reckoning by teams and institutions to permanently dropped logos and names considered. Racist, and now it's time to unite as one family one community to build the next era for this team in this city to keep watch and guard what makes this game the greatest three years ago, the Indians stop wearing their chief Wahoo logo on their jerseys and caps, not far from the team's ballpark on a bridge over the Kaya Hoga River are too large, Landmark stone edifice is referred to as guardians. I'm Ed Donahue more in sports with

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