A highlight from Damon Albarn


With signing on some deep david. Adam bishop i feel like every time the hubris aman is like oh cool that we be war. We've defeated this these things now than just like sunday incomes. Remind that yeah. Well it's just don't don't get too big headed. Yeah if you know. Always be nice to people on the way up. Yeah 'cause you never know what you'll be on the way down. I'm mark ronson. And this is the fader uncovered podcast in this interview series. I'll be speaking with some of the most influential groundbreaking musicians in the world from genre defining stars to avant-garde trailblazers about their lives and careers. Each episode will be rooted in these musicians iconic fada cover stories and institution that over the past. Two decades phys told Like no other. The podcast is a chance for us to talk about the past present and future reflecting on their breakthroughs diving into their lives when they're covers hit shelves and discussing what the future might hold now. And it's an opportunity for me to speak to some of the artists i most admire. This is the fater uncovered with mark ronson. Today i'm talking to one of the most prolific and prolifically versatile artists of the past thirty years damon alban alban appeared on the cover of the fader issue. Forty three in early. Two thousand seven to promote the good the bad and the queen a supergroup whose individual to a pretty good job of summing-up albans influences under one roof. You have punk reggae. In west london icon. Paul symon at the clash on bass afrobeat pioneer and grew lord tony allen on drums and simon tong of proto brit pop legends the verve on guitar. And then you have damon the only force of nature powerful enough to unite these talents and fairly healthy egos all behind him. As one army album form blur back in the late eighties. And once they hit their stride a few albums in they became an unstoppable force. Much of that ju- to damon's innate talent for dressing up deceptively well written often complex songs with insanely humble every man choruses then he gets turned onto american underground hip hop things like dr octagon and dell and suddenly fancy spreading some of that melodic genius into some other genres. You add jamie hewlett's iconic visuals and bam seven million copies sold the first guerrillas album in fact the guerrillas have gone onto achieve such insane international success that it's hard to imagine. It was considered career suicide. At the time the crown prince of britpop abandoning indie to make dusty cartoon hip hop album but damon is constantly followed his own creative compass bucking trends like it's an art form and forging new trends in the process whether it's blur guerrillas africa express operas like journey to the west his solo work. It's an extremely enviable body of work. And an example of what happens when you stick to your creative guns and also having to be one of the great songwriters of your day. We have a lot of mutual collaborators and have circled each other quite a bit but never really got stuck into now. So i was pretty excited and maybe like three percent nervous to get deep right here for the on cupboard.

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