A highlight from #235: Fire Bet(s)


June seventeenth twenty twenty one from alcohol in california. This is episode. Two hundred thirty. Five of you can bet on that tape. I everybody welcome to you. Can bet on that. Podcast for the recreational gambler. All sitting from me is dr mike. Hello so a couple weeks ago mike. We were driving up to the casino and we started talking about recent sessions that we've had up there and we both agreed that we had not even come close to hitting any kind of fire. Bet even four numbers right. You know which is the lowest pay at harrison california. Not even close no for for many weeks. We were kinda lamenting that fact. Yep well we live by the theory that if we complain about something it'll happen that's true. It certainly works at our poker home game. yes. I'm getting beat on the river. I'm losing so much money. Invariably things change you end up being the big winner for the night right. I mean it's a well known fact. That bitching gets you good. Result back it up with science and so we ended up to the casino and i got the dice and boy. I had a great role. Yes and all the sudden. I'm on a fifth number and it's like hey you know here. We were complaining. We've already made for numbers right. And maybe i'll make five and sure enough. I went ahead and made five numbers to the fire. Bet so that was great. You know five dollars on their pays twelve hundred and fifty dollars so you know we were very pleased. Okay you know. Things have probably changed so very good. We're very happy well. The dice got pretty cold after that. Right to the point where we're like almost lost all of our fire money back right. We're back to where we started and it's like what happened. You know about a fire so we switch tables well you know. Let's let's switch switch tables. And i'm having good roles pretty much all night long. I'm having some good roles. I get the dice again. come out on a four. Well i end up establishing and making three four years in a row point is for right three. I made three of them to start my role. And i kept rolling and kept rolling and suddenly i've made five members to the fire bit again right same night. I'm role and five numbers to the fire. And then what you said at. That point was hilarious. What was it he said. Oh look at that. I'm going to have to fives in the same night. And the stickman mark says five. Why not have a five and a six why to five five and six and we're laying into you realistic right. That's all i'm doing. All you need was attend. Which was the same number you needed on. The other table is also needed to tin there. So well that's why. I'm saying i need attend. Not only do. I need to come out on a town you need to make. I mean that's hard enough. Well i came out on ten. Yep and their next role one of the players. The table laid against the ten several late again. It's always a oh. I said no. Don't do it. We we've hit the fire bet enough times. How many times. Now but you. It's not sort of that albatross that you don't anything it might not have been the next role me. It was very next role you roll the ten and the table went wild and one guy who had laid way too much. Money agreed against the ten. I laid into him unmercifully because he he laid like three thousand three thousand to make fifteen hundred so ten came out. He loses three thousand winds five thousand. Yeah and you know if ten had not come up he would only got fifteen hundred dollars more ready still would have got the five but he would have only got fifteen hundred more so i mean to me. It just doesn't make sense. It's not good value for your money. I guess but before you rolled after you came out on ten. I laid into him. He's a regular. And then when it hit i just lay. I was so loud. Everyone came running over to see what was happening. I mean i called the too. I remember i said marks gonna roll it right. Oh yeah you. It's not even a and it's coming right. Congratulations keep track of all the times. You claim and i don't come right back. You did. I call him as you call it straight so very exciting so six point so you know. We're laughing on the way home. About how and on the way there so i had turned into a good night. Yeah and i didn't post about it or anything. It's just because i thought we'd talked about on this show. It's always fun to talk about it and we hit the well. The funny thing is is when you hit it. I'm yelling at the guy scream and making all this bus. Everyone's open it up people running over to see what happens. You sit down pick up your phone and continue your pseudo cocaine. I knew i could be. I mean he didn't say a word just plain it was gonna take forever it always does.

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