Swaying to the Future of Work


Denise bruder welcome back to the podcast are good morning and is it a pleasure to be back and it's a pleasure to see you my friend. So you're the co founder of sway and for those who didn't meet you last year when we first introduced you what is sway. And what does it benefit to people who work so yes. We met last year when a lot of the code experiences. Kinda new and we've been studying the future of work before that. So what we're doing sway as myself as a workplace futurist and my co-founder is a future for coach and together. We spent the last two years developing and researching body of knowledge around the future. Work and flexibility. And what we did in the end was revoked. The playbook we look literally wrote the playbook on how to work flexibly so our playbook is we do its way. We have a workshop experience around that we're building community around that so communities of people and members. They're looking to master. The skill of flexibility and develop a future mindset says we do in our community product and on the other side of sway. We're developing thought leadership series on the. Why because i really think that. The how is super important nesting media problem or dressing. Now how do. I work flexibly. How do i schedule myself. But the real undiscovered gender in all of this. Is we stage. We start asking yourself why. Why does this matter. Why do we want flexibly what is changing. And why does it matter to me. Says the thought leadership side sway. And that's where we're running with so you're a community and people pay to be a part of it. What could a member expect in terms of content programming and value from sway. So all remembers come to us for a workshop and a learning experience and what that is. It's alive engaging intensive looking experience around the playbook which is your personal plan for how you are going to work flexibly. So i think we're moving away from the command and control structure of top hierarchy moving more towards a personalized playbook at how use literally are going to schedule your time your day. Your energy do you re engineer. How you communicate and see people worked together flexibly so we literally end are learning point with a plan in place for you how to do it. Well

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