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Happened again. Cyberattack on jbs one of the largest meat producers in the country has halted production five b plans in the us. What's going on roger chang and this. Is your daily charge pretty discussed. This is our editor in charge of breaking news. Came welcome kerry. Hey thanks for having me so what happened to jbs. Gps which is one of the world's largest food companies was hit by ransomware attack That impacted some of its plants in north america in australia as a result it sort of had to shut down operations at a lot of its meat processing packaging plants. The white house said these attacks were likely carried out by criminal organization based in russia. We don't have a ton of details there and we're still sort of waiting to see what the full impact is gonna be officials from the united food and commercial workers union which represents a lot of workers at. Gps plants said all of the company's beef plants in the us shutdown guy. Okay so this is. This is a pretty big problem and say the sounds very similar to what happened to colonial pipeline last month right. There's a ransomware tax. That's basically taken systems offline just for a quick refresher for our listeners Even though we we did discuss this a month ago it's gifts. Quick description of what ransomware is and why it's so easy so shutdown system because of it right so read somewhere is type of malware that will scramble a company's data and computer data and they will hold it hostage until the ransom is paid in theory. If you pay the ransom you might get your data back. But there's also no guarantees in these situations. You might not get all your data back. Some of the data might get stolen on. Hackers might sort of threaten to publish it later. The nakimora money But basically it's it software that scrambles your computer and makes its. They can't use it right. The idea of sort of a double impact there with with some ransomware cases where they not only hold your data hostage but also threatened to expose it to the public and basically seeking twice the payout. I i know you know. Federal officials law enforcement officials recommend that. You've not pay ransomware. But there are obviously a lot of pressure to get businesses back online companies. Have to walk that fine line. Here's the colonial tack exposed the vulnerability on gas supply. Obviously we saw in some of the shortage or at least the perceived shortage of gas a gas station throughout the east coast. I'm curious how this attack. that it's it's similar nature if it's gonna affect our meat supply That's a bit unclear so. Jbs says it expects the have the vast majority of its processing plants up and running again today so if that does in fact happen and people are back to work in. These plants are able to ship products in meat out to suppliers. It's pretty unlikely. That consumers are gonna feel much of an impact that said if if this thing drags on and grocery stores in restaurants and you know the other places we eaten shop aren't able to get the supplies they would normally That's when consumers could potentially feel some impact or start to see shortages in stores. Right ends aboard a note that there wasn't a true guess short. There was a bit of a supply crunch. But the the hoarding of gas and folks lying at the gas stations. That really made the problem a lot worse. And likewise where we're not trying to fan the flames here of of a shortage concern but it is important to note that oftentimes it was the consumer in the run up to the anticipation of the storage that actually shortage tribe right and the usda also said to you that it's reached out to other companies and other meat suppliers to ask them to accommodate for additional processing to make sure that they're helping keep the supply of food in the going. So there's already some mitigation in place. Okay and give us through listeners. Sense of how big. Jps is can you talk a little about their their place in the meat the meat world and just again to give the scale for this potential problem yes so. Gps usa is a subsidiary of the larger global gb. It's a brazilian company in. They are the largest meat processor in the world in terms of sales in the us. They've got more than a dozen plants processing beef and pork in their website says that their second largest producer of chicken in the us with operations in fourteen states that god more than sixty thousand employees across the us The Responsible for

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