A highlight from 2612 - America's Long Journey to Recognizing Juneteenth w/ Annette Gordon-Reed


For sam cedar and this is the five time award winning majority report. We are broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravage canal on the heartland of america downtown brooklyn. Usa on the program today. A net gordon reed on the enormous significance of june team. Which is this saturday. Meanwhile president and russian president putin have wrapped up their summit in geneva with both coming to an agreement on an extension of the start arms treaty for another five years and putin dodge. us reports questions on the jailing of political opponent. Alexi now dany fairly standard as biden. His occupied in europe hopes for a large infrastructure package dwindle a bit as a hundred eleven. Republicans reportedly back the much smaller. Bipartisan infrastructure deal potentially clearing the threshold for the filibuster and making it less likely that centrist democrats like mansion will back a big reconciliation bill but if progressive lawmakers like bernie sanders and ed markey. Hold the line and play hard ball still shot. The supreme court has shot down the gop's third challenge to be ford. -able care act with amy coney barrett writing for the majority who would have sunk it. The delta variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in states. People believe lagging behind in vaccinations with missouri. Being hit especially hard right now. A harvard university report finds that more than eight million households face foreclosure or fiction. As certain cdc protections expire on june thirtieth mostly people of color will be affected hillary clinton endorses nina turner's opponent in the ohio eleventh district congressional race and then nina. Turner had her largest fundraising day. Ever must be coincidence. And lastly representative jim. Mcgovern of massachusetts urges biden into back a resolution mcgovern instr- introduced to end rippling sanctions on venezuela as poverty rates. Skyrocket all this and more on it.

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