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We have a full crime scene investigation that's going on. We're going to have to move the Edge off of the truck. Take a look at the parts of the truck to see if that's actually the case. Chris Guild artist DCs deputy mayor for public safety, he says five people were hurt in this collapse, but none has life threatening. Injuries were very lucky. All of us were today, the city says. Part of D C to 95 is expected to remain closed until 10 PM Thursday. Mayor Muriel Bowser says the city will work as quickly as possible to remove this bridge and get back. Get get traffic flowing in Northeast Michelle Bash wt. Opinion. And how is this affecting our traffic tonight? Or Special Update from Dave Tilden in the W T o p traffic center. Word has gotten out D C to 95 years and will remain closed north, um, between the 11th Street Bridge and the Maryland line and southbound south of Route 50 in Maryland. The biggest impacts are not along the 2 95 corridor. In some cases, they're far removed like the grid and Northeast, where portions of Florida, West Virginia, Montana and New York Avenue nearer at capacity with the work around traffic and a displacement of traffic on the Beltway with higher traffic volumes, especially in Prince George's County. Slightly longer volume delays new crash in Arlington County Outbound on 3 95 at the Lexx left exit for Crystal City. It's blocking the left side and that's going to back up traffic. In the D. C on 3 95 South Moore on the closure of D. C to 95 on the eighth. And when it breaks Dave Tilden. W T o p. Traffic, Keep it here on w T O P radio. We will be following the developments all evening long and through the morning rush tomorrow with traffic center. W T o p News time. CBS News Special Report. President Biden has just announced new steps to control gun violence as crime surges in the nation's cities if you will

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