A highlight from Episode 202 - St. Vincent


Welcome to another edition of the jacker on songwriting. This is brian. Hair is always with simon and joining us for episode. Two hundred and two fearlessly creative grammy-winning american singer songwriter musician. Here remarkable career so far rossini collaborate with the likes of david. Ben taylor swift the chicks. Julie back amanda palmer guerrillas. Paul mccartney in mid-may twenty twenty one. She released her sixth studio album. The intoxicating seventies influence daddy's home and it's a worthy addition to what was already a formidable body of work. We couldn't be happier to welcome the brilliant. Andy clarke aka extinct pinson to the show. Like any self-respecting songwriting podcast. We jumped at the chance to speak to we did. Yeah i mean. We're huge admirers of writing approach to the guitar the way she reinvented herself with each record and not so of bowie esque fashion. The whole kit and caboodle. Basically absolutely our guest was born. In one thousand nine hundred until sir oklahoma and later grew up in dallas texas inspired in part by jimi hendrix whom she apparently i had on the forrest gump soundtrack. She began playing guitar aged twelve. She also play bass in iraq correspondent middle school and counts led zeppelin. Jethro tull steely dan. Pj harvey and radiohead manga. Rayleigh influences and is a road for aunts and uncle to qatar vocal. Just you took him patty which proves something of a training ground in the fundamentals of the music business not to mention musicianship stagecraft. She attended the berklee college of music in boston for three years but eventually dropped out following which she briefly returned home to texas before being enlisted by the polyphonic spree. To go on tour with them she was then called up to sophian stevens banned in two thousand and six which was also around the time she gave herself the stage name. Saint benson's after line in the song there goes my beautiful world. It was during the fan tour that she was scouted by the beggars banquet label and subsequently signed the inaugural saint vincent album the assured and critically well received. Mary may drop in two thousand and seven followed by octa two years later. Twenty eleven john congleton produce strange missy reached the bill twenty and was on his highest charting. Release to that point as she followed that by joining forces with david byrne on twenty. Twelve terrific love this giant album which we highly recommend if you've not heard has a wonderfully disturbing cover image to those those having moved to loma vista in twenty thirteen and he's fourth album saint. Vincent's arrived early the next year. And the twenty fifteen grammy for best alternative music album. Dropped excellence mass deduction arguably happiest staffer. Today's in late twenty seventeen. It debuted in the top ten of the billboard charts and its titled track and they're the thousand nineteen grammy for best rock song outside of her own put his co written songs with the likes of taylor swift guerrillas and the chicks produced slice kinney's twenty and nineteen album. The sentiment hold an earlier. This year was invited by none of them. Paul mccartney to remix his track women and wives for the recent mccartney three imagined collection. That's the contractually obliged mckay reference out the way for this episode. You can hear tracks from the brand new saint vincent album daddy's home as well as selected cuts from head does link back catalog

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