Flamin' Hot with Richard Montaez


Though we have this gomez like behold ball and like. Put your head down to get to work. I think and you share it in the book. When the ceo said think like an owner richard back then was like okay. He asked us to like an owner. And then you started developing distinct and you got the courage to make that phone call roy. So we'll explore that later. Let's take it back a second. Who is literature. What's his heritage mexican. And i was. I was born here. My dad com from a water s. And he moved out paso from el paso. He went to new mexico and from new mexico. He went to southern california where he met my mom. And that's where it all started. But i was born in in what was called a farm. Count everybody in the area that was born. Take greater wass to california's probably about two thousand people. You know what the pretty cool about the history. There's people don't know this. The area that i was born in the ontario airport guadalete california rancho cucamonga. All that was acting the biggest wine producing area in the country. It was bigger than napa valley. That's where i was born in a one room apartment. I was gonna say my birth certificate doesn't have an address. It has a house number cost number eighteen. 'cause you know the gwozdecky. I never met him of course but know he from what i was told you know my grandfather stories of him was he was a good a good man you know. He built the housing for the latino. He built the school he built a grocery store. He built a church. He came from italy so everything was replicated of his hometown which was pretty cool You know my grandpa and my dad really grew up with a challenge. I got a little bit because we got out of there. Like eight years old or something. But you know i'd go back and visit but it was know a wonderful place to for me as a child. You know there was. There was no bathrooms inside. The one room. Bathrooms were outside. You know it was like a college or a school showers and all that and then there was no kitchens. The kitchen again were across the hallway. They were community kitchen. It was big stoves like a restaurant so every morning i had lunch or dinner with ten fifteen different families and you know i learned community because as mama grandma was cooking if you ran out of something the lady next to you would pass it on and she needed something you you pass it on. So i i saw community for san the other thing too that i wanted to say to is a. I'm not an immigrant. But because of being latino in the sixties i was treated as an

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