A highlight from Part 1: Ginas Injury, Bizarre Beauty Products, and Trending Topics (ACS June 17)


Back for some trending topics and now many thanks. Nfc's are wpf. Thinks the cdc is bs but thanks rpm's and psi are a okay k. Adam corolla yeah get it on got to get it on a choice of you get it on. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for telling that about you right. Gina grads right. Pinball run heroes. Don't do that nice job lynch with that opening. We're all right. We got genus been injured. We've got that to talk about. Yeah harrowing and heroin is the conversation. I had with max. Pata said gena was injured. She cut her finger wide open. I go how on a mandolin. I went on a mandolin. Okay i didn't pronounce mandolin. It's the same name so same name but you have to consider the source that they're talking about me. What would be more likely to consider me well first off. I know you play the lute mandolin

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