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We have rain out there. It's moving through. If you know what yet you will be, and it's scattered today will eventually erupt around 70 for a high overnight tonight. Chance of rain and 58 tomorrow. Scattered showers. Chances Storm 74. I think it's like this kind of through Thursday with a chance of rain. Any old time right now Got 55 700 w well w I'm Carl and I my clan, my giant clam to be exact. Don't confuse me for one of those razor clams like Larry. He's such a knob gonna buy me? That's right. I'm talking about you, Larry. So what do I do? Each day I listen to the Scots Throne show. He's pretty smart and funny, which is good. I mean, a whole lot else for me to do. So, you know, you screw yourself, Larry. Join me. Scott Sloan this morning at nine on 700 wlw Get the podcast of my show and the I Heart radio app.

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