A highlight from The Four Wards Podcast - Episode 293: There is Unrest in the Forest, There is Trouble With the Trees


Your host as usual jacks omen. And i've got with me to other wards. we have archery you. I'm back again and we've got bomo. I am a dirty feeder. That's okay we forgive you. Boma textiles i. I suppose i shouldn't speak for the rest of the forward. I forgive you that's fine. I figured be bummer. There we go. Thank you all right guys. We are the four wards podcast if you head on over to trinity force network dot com. That is the website that we are a part of the trinity force network. You can find links to all of our past shows all the other shows on the network like the league rundown or t force proper podcast but most importantly that's where you go to find the link to our discourse you can come join the discord. Hang out with us. Play games with us. Have a good time. It's great come. Join the discord and play with us.

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