FOF #2958 Eartha Kitt and The Divas Who Raised Us - burst 09

Feast of Fun


Call so what is a kind of divas Nurtured you market. We're saying like. Of course i'm not like me. I'm not into the musical divas like a lot of people are so for me. It was more like the television comedy. Divas and i'd left red heads lucille ball. I loved all of her tv shows. And i'm practically living in an episode of i love lucy with my husband and ricky here marred. You have some explaining to then you always have you know these entertainers coming through the house and situations happening and i you know i'm very like it always seems like that when people coming over the house. I'm like god. I feel like i'm living episode of i love lucy because you know there's always some kind of turmoil happening and when bianca del rio's coming over and new need to be on your best behavior i think from me because i was a kid who wanted to be an entertainer. Sort of like you're saying mark I had i had to know the people like like like my by family was like if this is what you were going to do. You need to know who. These people are. Like one of the best pieces of advice that my aunt gave me She said baby. Learn everything you can about being in your business because there might be a moment where you know you might audition for something and you may not get the role but because you have other skills. She'll get hired so she made sure that i knew the people in fashion. She made for that. I knew the people in in music. That i knew comedians. And things like that like one of my. You know one of my one of my icons literally one of my mother's is moms mabley. Wow because i love moms is humor. Like baby kate. You know own the old man can do for me. Give me a young man. Phoned baba's kind of popular on the talk show circuit and like the seventies right but wasn't her typical humor right wasn't that circuit in the chitlins circuit. They call it.

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