A highlight from 93 million miles from earth


Welcome to true. Mysteries of the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often obscured by the time. I'm your host kit crumb. This particular. Podcast involves the state of oregon and washington and to a degree but ranges around in its content. So you gotta bear with me a little bit. I grew up in the tiny town. Cupertino california and it was a tiny town when i grew up unincorporated anyway. We had a number of earthquakes over the years that i was living there. And the word was the big one would take out san francisco. The big one about thirty years ago. I moved to ashland oregon. And all the talk was about the cascadia subduction zone quake that would take out the coast from washington state south seven hundred miles down to portions of the california coast but the big one probably will not be an earthquake at all. I was doing some research from my latest book discovered that the date that oregon became a state. Eighteen fifty nine was also the date. A solar flare struck the earth. The effect was worldwide now in oregon at the time telegraph service was intact between or portland and oregon city at began in eighteen. Fifty five in corvallis in eighteen fifty six in the same year for jacksonville on september. Second eighteen fifty nine and incredible storm of charged. Particle set by the sun slammed into earth's atmosphere overpowered and caused havoc on the ground. Telegraph wires and high tech stuff of time. Suddenly shorted out. In the united states and europe igniting widespread fires colorful aurora normally considered polar saint in the polar regions were seen as far south as cuba and these aurora borealis Colored no lights. Whatever you wanna call them. We're not just in the sky. They seemed some of them along the ground. What happened earth's magnetic field normally protects the surface of the planet from some storms in eighteen fifty nine the planet's defenses were older well-named over the past decade similar but less powerful storms have likewise busted through giving scientists insights into. What will eventually happen again. The outlaw is not rosy the solar storm of eighteen fifty nine three times more powerful than the one that cut to the entire canadian province into a block out back in nineteen. Eighty nine experts. Say if it happened. Today it could result in unthinkable. Damage to our technologies now. Those telegraph connections. I mentioned in portland oregon City corvallis jacksonville. Were all fried. The portland telegraph station. Reportedly caught on fire. Also trains across. The state of oregon came to a halt when the tracks were electrified. What's commonly referred to as a northern lights or the aurora borealis. Could be seen from anywhere in the state and appeared not just in the sky but for many it could be seen near ground level now this kind of solar flares referred to as a c. m. e. which emanates from the sun is a low frequency event to have an impact on anything it requires a long antenna are power lines are the perfect antenna for receiving this energy. The big issue is that this can destroy the large transformers now. These are not the little garbage cans on telephone pole. You see these are huge transformers. There are no spares these and it takes years to get a new one built. There is a precedent for concern in eighteen. Fifty nine a large seat. Ami cost power surges and telegraph wires. Strong enough to start fires at stations as we know in portland and this particular Solar flare was known as a carrington event. It caused minor damage because our electrical technology was really in its infancy the. What if we were hit today by that same size solar flare. What are the chances well. There was a similar solar flare sixty two years later in. Nineteen twenty one. That would be almost exactly a hundred years ago. Then ninety one years later in twenty twelve another solar flare and in twenty seventeen another solar flir. There was a solar flare. that just missed the earth. Had it struck it unlike an emp. Bomb that is directed to say russia or china or the united states. These solar flares involve the entire earth. The last large solar flare that could have done tremendous damage. Was april fourth twenty

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