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Hey guys bridget here before we start. This week's episode approve favorite ask. We've posted a link to a survey in the show description and we want to know what you think. It only takes a few minutes and it really helps us to make the show better now onto proof for some that work in the restaurant industry. Serving others doesn't stop at the end of the work day. The call to serve is especially strong in times of need restaurants and their workers are often the first to set up fundraisers for those who are down on their luck. one famous people is. Jose andres the notable chef created the nonprofit organization world central kitchen in two thousand and ten to respond to crises the world in two thousand and seventeen after the devastation of hurricane. Maria world central kitchen served over three and a half million meals in puerto rico. And it's not just famous chefs during this great work and it's not just a modern phenomenon. There's a real history of restaurants in the us. Those in need in the late eighteen hundreds some establishments known as penny restaurants would charge customers a penny per menu item so a filling meal of bread and a bowl of soup would cost next to nothing. These places became more widespread during the great depression a time when people faced hours standing inbred lines pitting restaurants were an alternative one. That served a little dignity with the meal. Today's stories about two very special people and the restaurant industry that during the pandemic answered the call to serve others. They offer vulnerable communities. Food security relief and dignity from america's test kitchen. I'm bridget lancaster and this is you know the drill. A friend lands a new job. Or a birthday sneaks up on you and you need a gift and you need it delivered fast. So what do you do. Well if you want something delicious locally made and handcrafted you should to edibles website or visit your local store. They've got so much more than just fresh fruit arrangements as well. There's all kinds of gourmet treats to choose from like miniature in new york style cheesecake or dark chocolate caramel popcorn. Or how about fresh-dipped chocolate strawberries. Well edible has something for every occasion and price point and you can even get same day delivery for those last minute birthdays and other occasions for free. Next day delivery visit edible dot com or your local edible store and get ten dollars off your order when you use the code proof at checkout. That's e. d. i. b. l. e. dot com offer code proof. Jim trend brings us this story which he originally reported in the washington post damian diaz and thorn lasco are the kind of guys who have big ideas and somehow managed to make them happen. They made a name for themselves in los angeles bar see. The friends created the cocktail programs for some of the city's hottest spots like everson royce far and guerrilla tacos. They whipped cool cocktails like a tequila. Drink punched up with tomatillo. Serano schroth garnished with cucumber. A giant prawn put in march twenty twenty their lives changed the pandemic transform the way domino thrown approached the ideas serving with bars closed and people at a word. It push them to help those in need. They decided to launch a nonprofit. These days the serve different clientele one. That's not in front of the bar and their day. Start off a lot differently now. I usually wake about five forty five. Am six am. That's dummy on. And i try to build a ritual each and every day get hydrated. Take a walk outside on my patio. I like draw a line on the horizon of mounsey. Just the kind of put me in work mode to gear up for it and when the time is right i'll head out to adana office over in boyle heights. Don't usually they're way before me. I'm in the office. No later than four fifteen that because we have this huge deliveries. They come in on monday wednesday and friday. We move over one hundred and fifty thousand pounds of food a week through our office. And the families we serve damian tells me he grew up in vallejo a diversity in northern california. It's a place where he learned early on as a kid that it was important to get his hands dirty. I grew up in a traditional mexican household where my father would wake me. Am i simply up. Specifically my brother and i on saturday mornings and there was really no such thing as saturday. Morning cartoons. I should say. I would go out there with my brother and we would pick weeds. We would crush cans to recycle. There was always something to be had. Parents are both immigrants from the state of aguascalientes in mexico when his father and maternal grandfather came to the us they both worked hard jobs like picking produce in the fields and dishwashing dumb. young credits. his mother for inspiring him to do what he does today. Shoes recently elected to the vallejo city council as the first latina person. Ever to hold that position. They're growing up. She shared the importance of activism and caring for the people for our immigrant community dummy on members middle school. That is mom. Pulled him in his little brother out of class to cut school. She drove them a few towns over to see deloris worth the speak. Dolores is one of the most influential labor and civil rights activists of our time. She's also a major player. In the chicano civil rights movement. I met her and have pictures of her and it was so inspiring to hear her. Speak an advocate for the immigrant population. This country meaning to lawrence was just one of the ways. Dummy parents worked hard to make sure their kids wouldn't forget where they came from. It kept damian humble ever member going to make you go numerous times all throughout my childhood with the family and seeing firsthand what real poverty was the idea of a child not having shoes on their foot for the first time as i looked at my nikes in in asking myself why that is don eventually got into the restaurant industry. He started as a dishwasher and worked his way up the ranks. But it wasn't until he got behind the counter as a bartender that he fell in love with the hospitality industry. One of his favorite memories was of an older mexican man who came into his bar. The man was wearing a cowboy hat. Flannel shirt and cowboy boots it was my duty as a professional servant to make him feel comfortable and at home and welcome just as anyone else sitting inside outside that patio for that matter so he sits down and we exchange stories and then this hipster kid sits next to him and before you know the three of us or just hanging out talking about god knows what at the time in his broken english in this kids broken spanish and together. It was like we're making this beautiful thing happen for facilitating these memories. That i to this day. And i know that this gentleman still believes it and remembers it

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