Will Liverpool, Leicester or Chelsea Qualify for the UCL?



Let's start at. What was i think. Effectively may not turn out to be this way chelsea could still go out but a play off for the champions league between chelsea and leicester city it's bridge was a replay of the game on saturday. Then you have a cup final Homemade some not all of the same choices including putting my man reese james in the back three convince And chelsea one. I think in the end it was to wind. And you could say maybe you're gonna start at the end but i thought chelsea really really dominated the day. That was their god. They were after they were really fantastic at times. In the way they build up the movement away from the back under pressure at times. I still alice the plate for draw. And maybe i'm wrong. Maybe that's not. That was the idea. But he's certainly felt like that in in the team that selected with natural on the bench in the way they played in the weather priced. Look to me via merged lockheed. Very happy with that was fair well. Madison came in. So we can have madison. I thought was really poor. I don't think he's fully fit. Maybe no he's on your hard if you play for a draw to to have my against a team like this against him chetty like this to to to expect too much from madison. Nothing the upshot of all this is that we're set up for one of those end of the season kinda three way runs but three-way dances chelsea are playing away to aston villa. A win guarantees them. A champions league. Place is only going to be easy at all we'll get on to this lester. I'm liverpool liverpool beating burnley three now essentially if they both way and they're gonna finish level on points it's going to be decided by goal difference and liverpool now have an edge of four goals in the goal difference so so liver put up again chris perez. That's right liverpool roy. Hodgson his final his final game. He loved to put one over liverpool and less spurs. Who can still still have to play for your petty place. Yeah so clearly lester. Greatly advantage giving. Now just kidding kidding

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