A highlight from Episode 204 - Laura Mvula


Episode is an iphone avello. Winning british singer songwriter known for her inventive. Blend of ara bay jasim pop. She's collaborated with the likes of now. Roaches not boy. Snarky puppy tom. Odell jacob collier john scofield and the metropole orchestra as she recently released an exhilarating new album. Pink noise we are delighted to welcome the brilliant. Laura mvula to show. I'll guest was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and bam ingham and grew in the celio kings heath areas of the city. His parents were very much jazzy. Traditional gospel and keen for their kids to learn musical instruments. There's a piano in the family. Home and laura took lessons from the age of eight joe. Sangam played in church and youth orchestras as well as in the string trio with a younger brother and sister. Laura began listening more to our being gospel music in a teens and had a particular affinity for the girl group at ten she also developed a little for jazz and at one point spy it to be a film composer influenced by love. If disney films she attended the royal birmingham conservatoire where she studied composition an also sang in. Iran's acapella gospel group black voices after graduating from the conservatoire. In two thousand and eight. She took part time jobs. I as a music teacher. Then a receptionist for the city of birmingham symphony orchestra. During which time. She began writing songs on a laptop. A couple of those songs she and green garden were posted on his soundcloud and came to the attention of manager. Kwami watson and compose at producer and arranger steve brown who become something of a mentor to laura. Steve's come up on the podcast before. Actually neon are rumor episode. He has yet. He's a very talented chap and he also played glenn pond in knowing me knowing you with alan. Partridge which i think is always worth a mention. Laura was eventually signed to rca and their debut album. Sing to the moon produced by steve brown arrived in two thousand thirteen. It reached the top ten and received a macura prize nomination. Laura won best female act. I'm best rb artist at that year's mobile awards she subsequently recorded a no casual version of the album which came out in twenty forty second album proper. The excellence the dreaming room followed in two thousand sixteen produced with troy miller and featuring guest. Appearances from the illustrates likes of now. Rogers and john scofield. Although equality piece of work and critically acclaimed record was not a commercial. Success and laura was quite callously dropped by label sony by email. No less classy move. Yeah counting quite record. Gets you bad rap. Rather ironically me a month later the dreaming room on the album of the year award at the two thousand seventeen us so at least she had the respective appears if not the label bri- That same year or guest wrote the music for a twenty seventeen. Rsc production of antony and cleopatra was commissioned to write a piece of like a lion for the bbc proms which premiered in twenty eight hundred in two thousand nineteen. Laura received an honorary doctorates for outstanding contributions. Music from birmingham city university presented by chancellor. Let's sale lenny. Henry did that in the guise of theophilus p wildebeeste. If i'm not mistaken yeah. That was an odd choice

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