A highlight from Favored or Forsaken: Megachurches

The Bible Binge


Hello and welcome to favored or sekine your host and resident bible scholar and then because of the episodes or mostly looking backwards favored or forsaken is an episode devoted to looking to the present and future as we consider current events through a religious lens to see if your favorites or forsaken joining me on this faith-based journey today jamie golden max mccoy how're you doing. Are you feeling personally or for sekine today. Oh well i will say for me. We are launching a new website in august. So i am dealing with favored because of the newness reading the bible but i'm also for second of all the work and money it takes off five just a perpetual balance between feeling favourite or forsaken listening. There was. I listened to an interview one time. I think it was bill lawrence. He's the i think he show ran like scrubs and i think he's show runs lasso and he was like even when i've been fired i've always been like actually sneakily. That was the best thing that could have resolved. So i like that. Like even though We're seven days over a deadline for house. Supposedly been painted on. The guy just keeps telling me it's fine. Don't worry about it. I still. I still feel favored. i'm forty and it almost. Yikes what about you aaron. Oh i'm good. I'm great i feel now. It's fine i great. Why are you sorry. Realize you didn't have your laptop and my father. you're on your phone. If only we had like a ample ample amount of like laptops laying around that would be amazing. Which i feel is a good segue into topic for this episode. Megachurches macbooks. Lying around at a mega true. That's true credit karma knows that we're all about some instant gratification around here with the brand new credit karma money spent account.

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