Can You Know God? Moving From Head to Heart Knowledge With Michael Brown


Of my friends were coming from a different point of view and before i met jesus i was coming from that point of view. Like you know you. Can't you can't know. God you can talk about him. Maybe but you can't know him. Those people are crazy and then when it happens to you you think my friends are going to think. I'm crazy but i can't go back. It's real do you think part of it and i'm sure the book is called. Has god failed you finding faith when you're not even sure god is real. I think a lot of people. They talk a good game as christians but god has not been made real to them and so when they're shaken because its head knowledge and it's not a relationship it can go away yet so i think we have to big problems. One those who just had the head knowledge or they were raised in it and they believed it or they like the tradition or they convinced by arguments about the existence of god or creation of something like that and then when when they really get hit with a massive challenge to their face like daniel wallace when the world's top a new testament greek scholars. He said when he battled with his sons cancer. That's when he realized he had to have an experiential relationship with god that he'd been more intellectual than experiential but then on the flip side you have people who've had a powerful experience but they basically were told you just shut off your brain and then when they start to get into school they get university and they get with the atheistic and skeptical professors love to make our faith they get hit with things got hit with and at that point their experiences somewhat waned so they come under assault. We're supposed to love god with all our heart and all of our mind. So yes that encounter with god. That's joel pads that changes everything and we share an incident. I worked on one of the chapters together. Like going through a journal of her and the agony they went through three years in church as a believer and the questions and the doubts and how they finally came out on the other end when they decided. I'm going to seek god and find him. I'm going to die trying. They got to that place. Desperation gone came

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