Bernard Lee Chats With Poker Pro Johnnie Vibes Moreno


You have been playing cash for many years well over a decade and kind of mistakes cash. We're not talking high nose bleed kind of what is it. Been like for that because we will talk about your youtube presence. You're logging in how that really is taken off. But well prior to that you were poker player. It's not that you are of vlogger that plays poker. It's really the other way around. Is that you played poker for so many years and kind of logging has kind of come into this space how was it and what were your trials and tribulations playing cash poker for a living because everyone loves seeing the big scores but people don't understand the grind sometimes of six sessions in a row where you don't win everyone's happy when we have a twenty five hundred five thousand dollar pot and can show it on on air but how many times do you struggle struggle struggle and flush dr doesn't get there or you flopped upset and they get run a runner and now you're going home with you know only job in the world where you can work x. number of hours and go home poor right. I mean it's very rare that that happens talk about your trials and tribulations in how it got to the point where you really felt like you could steadily make a living at this. Because it's really hard. I remember the first day that i left my job as a software developer with 401k health benefits and all these things i remember thinking like if i if i don't make good money playing poker i can always go back and get offered job again and you know the i i i was doing. I was doing well right out of the gate. But you gotta keep in mind that it wasn't that difficult to make money playing cash game poker if you had a solid strategy fifteen years ago because the money was everybody you could find a two five game anywhere that was great and you know there was probably one hundred to five games on any given night in las vegas during this time so i i was doing well but naturally as you progress in any career you want to make more money than the previous year and you want to get better and you want to further your career and you know. That's that's easy to do. Fifteen years ago and poker. You know you could start applying one three. You can make thirty five thousand dollars that first year. Feel like it was amazing but the next year. You know your your goals maybe fifty thousand in the next year your goals. Maybe seventy five thousand. But then you reach a point where you're making around one hundred hundred twenty five thousand dollars a year and you realize that in order to make more than that you need to get substantially better. You need to find better games and the games needs to be big and what's interesting about. That is poker. Games were shrinking. They were getting smaller over the course of the last five to ten years and they were getting tougher. So no i even if even if you got better in your own poker game it didn't ensure that you were gonna make more money than the next year right. I remember i kind of plateaued about six years ago. Where i was in the one hundred to one hundred twenty five thousand dollar a year range and i didn't really see gray prospects for making more than that and and just as a natural Ambitious human being. That started sparking me. Like what else can i do to ignite passion in the game. And what else can. I do to keep things interesting for me. And that's kind of how you know. Creating the poker channel came about My my five ten game had died. That i was playing in san diego on a consistent basis. That game was no more. So i was in a precarious spot. Where how am. I going to continue to make this good money with smaller games and i thought it would be a perfect time to start a new project and i remember those first couple of episodes that i started. I didn't think anybody's gonna watch him. I was just. I was just trying to get better at public speaking. And you know perhaps china Develop some other avenues of interest at a time. When i was unsure where the cash games could take me As far as the ceiling was and it it took off after the seventh episode. When i lost sixty five hundred dollars in a in five ten in in one session. I picked up the camera and put it in my face and i was like this sucks because like this game doesn't run twenty four hours anymore. I got like eight hours a day. That i can play this game. It might take me a while to win back. Sixty five hundred kind of share that on my youtube channel and algorithm picked it up. And they're like wow. This is a real poker player. That's making youtube videos. So i think that the looting to what you talked about before. I wasn't scared to talk talk about my thought process. I wasn't scared to say how i played hands. I was competent and my poker game. I think one thing that a lot of people have have happened as their newer poker players that are making you content so they're kind of more Afraid to just say what happened right and like you know because people are gonna show up in the comments and be like oh you played that like an idiot or what. Are you doing three batting without hand but for me. My confidence in my overall poker game. That part didn't bother me like if you were gonna talk crap about my game in the comments. I was fine with that. You know and i think that. That's what destroys a lot of people in the early stages shirt will have that confidence in know the when you sign yourself up for youtube comments the youtube comments they're gonna come come

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