Interview with Crime Writer Clay Stafford: S. 7, Ep. 2 - burst 5

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If you've you haven't been to cure nashville you should. You should should good because it is a. It is a family supportive people. Not that other conferences aren't but that is what we're geared for that family support people and looking looking at my background. You've you may have looked into it. I'm appalachian kid. I grew up in the middle of nowhere with railroad tracks. And i knew those railroad tracks went somewhere but no idea where but i dreamed about going beyond that and there was absolutely no reason that i should ever have found myself in new york in los angeles in miami coming from the region that i came from the circumstances that i came from except for people helping me reaching down and saying you know this guy. He's really trying. You've got a absolute. You've got a little bit of talent. I'll help him out. I give him a chance to see if he can prove himself. And people have been so kind to me over the year years. And that is the impetus for creating cure nashville. So when everybody comes together the whole idea is leave your ego at the door because you are there to help other people what we do is if you come to cure nashville your gonna be a speaker there from law enforcement to guess honor to regular attendees you have to be willing to give your business card to everybody there to build that relationship so that people have a network in support to be able to go to the next level. Now if you've looked at who at how the schedule is laid out. We've got things for beginning writers people who go and i'm second really beginning. Writers people who go i have an idea but i'm not sure how to write a book. Starting there all the way through to people who are already new york times bestsellers who show up. Not because their guests of honors they show up as attendees because they want to take our marketing classes and our publicity sessions to be able to see. How do we go to that next level. How do we use the new technology. And so we've got this wide range of people who were there and when you have that mix of those newbies versus really really good veterans. You've got such a wealth of networking a wealth of opportunity of information. If you just take advantage of it in that one thing and we we. We go to the embassy suites hotel in cool springs which is right outside of historic franklin in about twenty fifteen. Twenty minutes from downtown broadway nashville. So you can get you know you can go down to the broadway and have on if you want to or you can go to the civil war harper river rafting. Whatever you'd like to do here in the historic side so that a lot of people come here with bringing their family and do a vacation but You bring all of those people together and then we have just you know sharing so it's with the covert to answer your question the covert. I think we're cool. This year really disrupted and broke my heart last year but for our area where we live. it's not the issue that it was but again encouraging people. If you have some sort of issue health issue whatever you feel more comfortable wearing a mask at the hotel in some of their situations requires maybe some people who wear a mask. If there's there's an thing but once you get into the rooms it's up to you So you know it's I think we're we're coming back to some degree of norm which i am so happy

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